Hashtag benefits on Instagram
The benefits of using hashtags to help you grow on Instagram

There are multiple ways in which a person can grow organically on Instagram. As a matter of fact, one could use hundreds of strategies to succeed on the photo-sharing platform in a very short time. But which method is the best? Well, the truth is that some strategies are better than others. 

So, it really depends on the type of Instagram account that you are trying to grow. What works for one niche might not work for another. Now, there are also some methods that can help you grow on Instagram, regardless of what you are trying to promote. One of them is the proper usage of hashtags. And today, we are going to tell you a bit about its benefits and how to use them to grow on Instagram.

Hashtags on social media

What Are Hashtags?

First of all, let’s start by uncovering the meaning of the word hashtag. It’s basically a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#) that allows people to find specific content on social media. 

For example, let’s say that you post a picture of of tacos you ate at a restaurant. Then, you add #Ilovetacos to the description of your post. Anyone interested in tacos will be able to find your post on social media due to the hashtag you added.

How do hashtags work

Hashtag Benefits

Hashtags are beneficial for your marketing strategy on social media. Mostly, they help people reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. But, they are not just limited to that. 

In fact, if you use them correctly, you can even make a post go viral overnight. For example, the famous egg post that beat Kylie Jenner on Instagram only needed three hashtags to go viral. 

To put it briefly, there’s a lot that hashtags can do for you. You just need to know how to use them properly.

How To Use Hashtags Properly On Instagram

In general, working with hashtags is easy. But, it is always wise to know a bit about the topic before actually starting to arm your marketing strategy. For example, did you know that people can now follow hashtags on Instagram? 

That’s right. Instagram users are allowed to follow their favourite hashtags to find content they like. Of course, this represents a huge opportunity for brands and people looking to grow on the photo sharing platform. 

So, here’s our a piece of advice on how to properly use these on Instagram: 

Hashtags benefits

 Do Your Research

The use of hashtags is indeed an effective SEO tool designed to help people improve their website traffic. Moreover, they are necessary for marketing purposes on social media. However, it is important to keep in mind that in order for a hashtag to work, you first need to do some research.

As a matter of fact, some hashtags are more popular than others. So, it wouldn’t hurt for you to know which ones to use in your posts. Take your time to research the most popular hashtags of your niche and make a list that you can use every time you post new content. 

Now, finding relevant hashtags is very easy. Simply go to the search icon on your Instagram and select tags. Then type something related to your niche, and you will get tons of results. Once you do that, you can create the list of the most effective hashtags to use on your posts.

Hashtag follow feature


Even though hashtags are an effective tool to grow on social media, you need to know your limits. For instance, Instagram allows people to use up to 30 hashtags per posts. And, that’s just awesome, isn’t it? 

After all, more hashtags means more visitors, right? Well, it does. But, you still you need to be aware that using that many hashtags can look spammy for the people that visit your profile. 

So, what then? Well, according to marketers, 5 or 6 hashtags per post is more than enough. However, there are some people that claim using 11 hashtags generate the best engagement.


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