Instagram is one Fire! If you are not on this network by now, you are probably the only one still missing out. Whether you simply want to socialize, view awesome photos, build your brand, or drive more sales to your business, Instagram has it all.

There are various tricks you can use on Instagram to get more followers – because everything start happening when you have a huge number of followers. So today, you are going to learn some popular Instagram hashtags to become popular and gain many followers. The benefit of using popular hashtags is that you can expect much action when you use them.

We’ve made a list of some hashtags that will increase your exposure on Instagram. More exposure means more followers and more engagement, so use these hashtags to your advantage.

1. #love

Our research shows that over 696 million Instagram post have the #love hashtag on them. Further research also made us to understand that most people that used this hashtag saw about 45% increase in the number of their Instagram followers.

2. #instagood

#instagood has appeared on over 314 million Instagram posts. We are sure you are going to get more exposure if you find a right content to use this hashtag.

3. #me

Most people use this hashtag to show off their personal photos, no wonder it appeared more than 297 million times on Instagram. Next time you post a personal photo, don’t forget to put the hashtag #me.

4. #tbt

Are you learning how to market on Instagram? Then this hashtag is for you. It is also referred to as “Throwback Thursday”. Most people use it when they want to post images from the past. This hashtag has been used more than 272 million times on Instagram posts.

5. #cute

Do you think you like the photo? Why not use the hashtag #cute? It has appeared on more than 258 million Instagram posts.

6. #follow

If you are aim to get new followers (like everybody else) then you will find the #follow very effective. More than 258 million posts have this hashtag on them. Use it to ask people to follow you.

7. #followme

This hashtag has the same objective as #follow, it has been used by more than 238 million people looking to gain new followers.

8. #photooftheday

When you’ve uploaded many photos, or when you think you just uploaded your best shot, tag it with #photooftheday and see the response that follows. This hashtag is present in more than 237 millions posts.

9. #happy

When you are happy, don’t forget to add #happy to your posts. More than 220 million people have already used this hashtag on their posts.

10. #tagforlikes

#tagforlikes has appeared on more than 220 million posts. Most people will use this hashtag to ask people to tag them in posts so they can get more likes. Try this, it may work for you. You never know until you give it a try.

11. #beautiful

You will this hashtag along with beautiful photos and it has been used more than 212 million times on Instagram.

12. #like

If you are looking for “likes”, you might as well tell your followers to give you some using this hashtag #like which appeared more than 193 million times on Instagram.

13. #selfie

Instagram is a photo-sharing app, no wonder there is a selfie-craze on Instagram. Just remember next time you took a selfie to hashtag it #selfie. It has appeared more than 185 million times.

14. #picoftheday

This is another alternative to #photooftheday. This hashtag is reserved for your best photo and it has appeared in more than 174 million posts on Instagram.

15. #summer

Summer is around the corner, so get prepared to see an increase in use of this hashtag. #summer has been used on Instagram post more than 168 million times.

16. #fun

When you think you are having fun, don’t forget to use the hashtag #fun. More than 163 million posts think they are having fun.

17. #smile

#smile is a cheery hashtag which has been used on over 161 million posts on Instagram.

18. #friends

Who doesn’t like showing of his/her friends? Hashtag your the photo where you are having fun with your friends with #friends and see your followers reactions. #friends has been used on over 160 million posts.

19. #like4like

If you want to collaborate on “likes” exchange, use this hashtag on your posts. Others will like your post and you will return the favor.

20. #fashion

Instagram is a social network for sophisticated people, no wonder they like showing off fashions. Since Instagram is known for fashion, it’s not surprising that the hashtag #fashion has been used on more than 146 million posts.



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