Bog Content and Social Media

Many brands leave Social Media on its way, and this could be a possible huge mistake in long-term perspective. Although you have a significant amount of users and real engagement, you need to get deeper on your content strategy if you want to survive. Otherwise, you’ll be considered as another simple account to follow, and you don’t want that. Instead, you need to pursuit your brand’s growth by adding new pieces in the game.

One big piece that will improve Social Media strategy is Blog Content. Before you start screaming and think this is too much work before you even consider all the benefits, sit down. Breathe and pay attention to all we have to say to you because blogs are not dead. On the contrary, they’re more alive, and it’s time for you to hit the road creating great pieces of content.

Writing Blog Content doesn’t take that much time, and you can quickly add a team member to handle this. By having good SEO, helpful structures like “listicles,” “how to” or “infographics,” and a unique voice, you will find a whole new world. Open your mind and start reading these few benefits and start typing the secure future of your brand.

It gives you credibility

In the era of content where everyone has a voice and can say whatever they want to say, a lot of quality information is missing and it’s your job to create the perfect content for a niche. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire somebody who does a proper research and also knows how to use reputable sources on the blog posts. Otherwise, you’ll be contributing to the spam and trash content we commonly see in our Google searches.

If you do a good job, you might find yourself being a source for other writers or researchers out there. People will want to share your content because they know it’s real and useful. Soon you’ll create a stable community based on quality information.

You can use it for campaigns

Crossing channels campaigns are a must these days, but sadly, no many brands have resources enough to accomplish that goal. If it’s the case, blogs can be helpful for this task, and you can take the most of it with a single campaign. Create intrigue by writing a blog post based on open loops technique, which keeps your readers wanting for more, and include your products into your stories, so they get the chance to read a good piece of storytelling and what you have to offer.

Also, you can make them participate in a contest where they have to search for clues included in some of your posts, so they will have to read a lot of your content if they want to win the big prize.

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Make content from your content

People might think that a blog post dies the moment it’s published, and a new post starts to be written, but that’s a huge lie. On the contrary, you can use a reuse all your posts the way you want to. First of all, you can create quote graphics taken from the post’s text and publish it on Instagram, or copy and paste that text and create a tweet that also leads to the original post on the website. Possibilities are infinite, and you have the power of not letting the posts die.

Connect with people in your niche

There’s a new way of networking and make other people share your Blog Content. Thanks to Facebook Messenger, companies have to give a quick respond to their private messages. Otherwise, the rest of the world can see how fast or slowly they attend to their users. Therefore, you can select pages of your niche or about one topic. Then, send an organic text asking for them to share that blog post. This way, you’ll increase visibility and promote your content in a different way through a Social Media channel. Letting other managers know you and opening the gates for new followers.

Social Media and Blog Content

Fresh new links on your bio

The bio is not an ornamental thing. And now we have the Instagram contact button update. We need to figure out the use for this important place. If you’re creating weekly blog posts, then you should probably be using the website space for posting the links that lead users to your new content. So, when they see your call to action post about an article, they immediately will go to your profile and click on the link. Repeat this every time you have a new thing to show on your page and keep the audience moving!

Give another use to infographics

An infographic is a quality piece of content you should start planning because you can provide multiple uses after it’s done. You can publish the graphic on a blog post, give good reviews with internal and external links, giving your opinion and explaining each point. Once you’re done, you can create a puzzle on Instagram and ask your audience to go to your blog to see the full image. Also, publish it on Facebook, Twitter and favorite infographics audience, Pinterest. Give a good impression to your followers giving them what they want, and great infographics are appreciated.

Engage with your faithful users

Be your audience personal superhero! By having a good Blog Content strategy, they will appreciate your efforts for keeping them well informed, and they will share all your Social Media posts, just because they love you. Always, remember that creating a community is the nirvana. Once you accomplish that, there’s no way the brand can die on Social Media. Otherwise, if you don’t make your users happy, they might turn against you. So keep your eyes wide open.

Social Media and Blog Content

We hope you could understand the advantages of having Blog Content and how it improves your Social Media strategy. Don’t be scared and give it a try!


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