Coolest caption on Instagram

What you say in words also matters. Many people think that they don’t have to pay any attention to their writing skills for their posting, but that’s a wrong thought. The caption is not only the image’s companion; it’s a fundamental tool, and you should use it wisely. Don’t waste time and words, choose your elements carefully but keep it fresh and spontaneous, that’s the first hint. I f you want to learn more, we got a few more advice for you.

Quick and sticky

Quick sentences are good enough almost for any situation, but this doesn’t mean the quick is cheap. Quite the opposite, a short phrase is as difficult as a long one, you need to catch your user’s attention and make it remarkable. A good sense of humor or a vague emotional phrase is always helpful, next to an excellent “Call to action” part. Don’t forget it should be written with your company voice too.

Long as a good story

Storytelling is in! If you’re planning a content with the right side, you need to keep in mind that people interested in one particular subject take the time enough for reading a good piece of text. Don’t be afraid of anybody reads you, they will. Remember you can’t write this caption complex as an academic book. Keep it fresh with simple words, understandable and warm. Make sure you have storytelling skills before you write something with a lot of characters.

Grammar and spelling come first

Despite not having our posts printed on the papers, we need to take care of our grammar and spelling. Your post would be read but any person on the planet, from a little kid to an academic person from Harvard, and you don’t want them thinking your content is written wrong. Even though your caption is only one-word length, that word should be well written. These little but important details are essential for your strategy.

Don’t exceed on hashtags

We know you want the entire world knows what you’re posting. But the fact is this: you don’t need a thousand hashtags to accomplish that. Yes, we are aware this increases your visibility, but an enormous amount of hashtags is also seen as spamming. You need to select those you truly need and create your own.

Use Emojis wisely

Emojis are tricky. Use the right quantity, and it could be perfect, but if you use a lot, you’re out. As hashtags, you need to choose the perfect emojis for your messages, because not all of them are relatable to your brand. If you think they can help you, they do, but they can also ruin all your content in one second. Once again, choose wisely and leave your personal taste out for a moment. Pick according to your brand.

Anything else you’d like to add? We want to read about your expertise opinion on this subject.



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