IGTV landscape videos

Remember when Instagram announced its standalone app IGTV for the first time? Who would have thought that one day we would be hearing the words IGTV landscape videos altogether? You see, the day the IGTV app was released, people were very excited. 

Indeed, the platform opened a world of possibilities for brands, influencers, and users in general. This time we could all upload videos of up to 10 minutes. Some verified accounts could even upload videos of up to one hour. But, here’s the thing, at the time, IGTV only allowed users to upload videos in vertical format. 

The idea was to improve the user experience by offering us videos that could fit in a hundred percent of our phone screens. However, since then, a lot of things have changed. For example, Instagram decided to allow all IGTV videos to appear on our main feed.

But now the most recent change of them all is that of Instagram announcing that IGTV is finally supporting landscape videos. Let’s find out why!

IGTV Landscape Videos – The Reason

So, there is always a reason as to why things happen. But, what could that reason be in this case? Why did Instagram decide to support IGTV landscape videos? Well, that one is easy. It all comes down to us. That’s right. As a matter of fact, Instagram stated that they decided to support landscape videos on IGTV because of general feedback. 

You see, there were already millions of landscape videos on IGTV. But, users were unable to watch them in full screen when rotating their phones. Evidently, more than a few were unhappy with this. So, they expressed their feelings on the social platform. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of YouTubers had to reformat their videos to be able to upload them to IGTV.

That of course takes time, and in some cases even money. For instance, I was actually getting paid to reformat YouTube videos to the IGTV aspect ratio. But, now that the app supports landscape videos, tons of people will save time and money.

In a nutshell, Instagram is now supporting landscape videos on IGTV to improve both viewers’ and creators’ experiences.

IGTV landscape video

Wrapping Up 

IGTV is now much easier to use. As a matter of fact, there is no need to format your YouTube videos anymore. Indeed, you can simply upload them as they are, and Instagram’s standalone app will do the rest. Moreover, when someone enters the video, they will be able to watch it in full screen by just rotating their phone. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So, tell us, what do you think? Do you like the idea of being able to watch IGTV videos in a landscape format? Let us know in the comments below. 


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