IGTV previews on Instagram feed

Instagram has been working hard to improve some of its most popular features. Among them, there is IGTV. A standalone app developed by Instagram in mid 2018 that caused a lot of users to get very excited. 

Initially, IGTV was only used as a platform for Instagram users to upload long videos (10 – 60 mins). However, the photo-sharing app has invested some time into making the standalone app better for us. For example, months after its release, IGTV was updated so that we could share our videos to Instagram stories

But, things haven’t stopped there. As a matter of fact, Instagram has now decided to set IGTV previews to appear in our Instagram main feed. Here’s what you need to know.

IGTV previews

IGTV Previews

So, Instagram went from keeping IGTV as a separate app, to now integrating previews for us to see in our main feed. This has annoyed some users. Moreover, it has caused people to complain. 

But why? Well, here’s the thing. Even though IGTV is used as a separate app, we still get reminders about its existence on Instagram all the time. For example, you can find IGTV videos in the explore tab, see occasional notification banners for new videos while exploring your feed, and more.

So, having previews appear directly on our main feed has led users to say, too much! Finally, an Instagram spokesperson went out to say:

“We’re making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favourite follows”

Negative Response

Evidently, this new update has led users to complain. In fact, Instagram’s tweet in which they talked about the new feature got tons of comments from angry users. Most of which asked to please bring back Story highlight viewers, and remove the IGTV preview in main feeds.

IGTV previews in main feed


At the moment, there’s not an option for stopping the previews from appearing in your feed. But, considering that many users are not very happy about this update, things might change soon.

As a matter of fact, this feature is still in its early stage. Therefore, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if in the following month,  Instagram were to implement an option to get rid of the IGTV previews on our main feed.


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