Influential Black Women on Instagram

This is a huge moment for black culture, and Social Media doesn’t escape from being part of the movement where #BlackLivesMatter and women are the biggest exponents of them all. These black women are incredible, talented and great contributors to a better world, and they’re also in the group of the biggest and most influential figures on Social Media.

These exceptional women are involved in politics, entertainment, and sports. They light our lives with their everyday efforts on becoming role models for the youngest generations. We can watch their process through all their posts. That’s why we listed 6 of the most influential black girls on Instagram.

1. Beyoncé

“Queen Bey” as the world knows her too, is a singer/actress/designer/ everything cool. We adore her since she was in Destiny’s Child next to Kelly and Michelle. This amazing artist from Texas has been in the business almost her entire life, supported by her parents, and for her husband after. Now, she’s one of the most followed persons in Social Media with more than 88,5M followers only on Instagram. On this platform, we can see her with her family, “Rocking her Givenchy dress” every time she walks on the red carpet, and even being a political activist when is needed.


2. Oprah

The thing we love the most about Oprah Winfrey is that her story is as touching as the ones she’s been sharing with us about other people through these years. She shows herself as human as possible, despite she owns a big empire. This woman with 7,6M followers on Instagram is a great inspiration source for a lot of girls that want to climb for success and build a life helping others around.

Influential Black Women on Instagram

3. Michelle Obama

The almost former First Lady, gain everyone’s hearts during her 8 years in the White House. Next to president Barack Obama, Michelle has proven that you can be both fun and serious in your job. This lady has 8M followers on Instagram and shows the world how she has a lot of fun with her famous friends, and how she defends women and girls rights too.

Influential Black Women on Instagram

4. Serena Williams

Champion between champions. Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player that this world has ever seen, that’s for sure. She’s one of the Wilson twins, owner of her our sports supplements company, friends with Beyoncé and great role model for girls out there. She has 4,7M followers on Instagram and they all enjoy her cool lifestyle.

Influential Black Women on Instagram

5. Rihanna

Right from Barbados, RiRi came  to New York one day with a big dream and now she’s conquered. She’s tested her skills on music, film and now she became the first woman winner of the “Shoe of the year” award thanks to her amazing sense of fashion on Puma. She has 45,9M followers on Instagram that adore all her content covering special launches, family pictures and funny images she shares.

Influential Black Women on Instagram

6. Naomi Campbell

Apparently, she doesn’t throw cell phones anymore. After the gorgeous Iman, Naomi is the iconic black supermodel of all times. She’s a reminder of the 90s fashion and all the coolness that came with that decade. Now she came back rocking the catwalk and teaching the younger generation how to be eternal. On her 3,4M followers Instagram account, Naomi shares special moments supporting her friends on launch events and gives us some flashbacks from her golden age.

Influential Black Women On Instagram

Do you have your favorite? Write to us in a comment down below.


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