Instagram AI

Instagram AI

Currently, there are more than 285 million people in the world who have visual impairments. Therefore, it is difficult for them to enjoy a lot of things.

Now, one of the things a person almost never thinks of when they cannot see is social media. However, Instagram believes everyone should have the power to surf through the platform regardless of the state of their sight.  

Because of that, the photo-sharing app has decided to use artificial intelligence to help people with visual impairments actually use the platform. How? Well, thanks to their soon to be released new feature, visually impaired people will be able to listen to the elements described on the screen when browsing their feed, explore page, or a profile.

Instagram Ai

The Feature

The feature is still under development. However, there is one thing we can already do. That is, of course, add alt texts. Now, an alt text’s purpose 
 is to describe images to visitors who are unable to see them.

So, even though Instagram still hasn’t released the feature in question, once it does, it will be able to read the descriptions we put in our photos through the alt text option. 

But, what about photos with no description? Well, Instagram will automatically identify what’s in a photo, using object recognition technology. Of course, it will later read an automated description of content aloud when someone scrolls through it.

Instagram alt text for the visually impaired


There is no a date on when this new feature will be released. However, we’re sure that when it becomes available, a lot of people will feel happy to use Instagram for the first time. 

Still, let’s keep in mind that this is AI we are talking about. So, it might still take a while until Instagram completes the development of this possible wonder.


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