Previously, we showed you an introduction to Instagram Analytics. There, you could see the most important elements to consider when doing a report. Now, you can see 9 different tools to make your work easier and better. Thence, these tools are going to be your assistant when it comes to studying metrics, compare them and creating a nice report for your accounts. Also, you can see how others are doing and see where are you in your niche.


Locowise is an analytics tool that not just controls a lot of metrics, but it also suggests improvements and a full guide let you know how to apply them. Furthermore, this app lets you know when is the perfect time for posting, which is the best frequency, and what kind of messages to include. Also, it shows you in detail which is your audience’s characteristics, what is the evolution of your followers, and how are competitors doing.

It offers a free trial for two weeks. Therefore, if you want to keep using it, it will cost around 120 dollars per month, including tracking for three accounts. Yes, we know it’s a bit expensive. But, consider how complete it is.


Although it’s not the prettiest tool, it’s free and offers good reports. Before 2016 it was one of the few tools that didn’t need you to log in to your Instagram account. Meaning, you could compare to any other brand you’d like to study. But, it’s over now, so you’ll have to log in properly to see your analytics, and you can see yours only.

You can watch a frame of your evolution according to days, hours, indicating bets times to publish. Also, it shows you an impact graph according to hashtags, users’ mentions, and likes average, which is ideal if you use one hashtag regularly.

Instagram Analytics Tools

It works in three ways: a very limited one without using an account, a free trial for three days only, and a premium version, which costs $99 a month. Although, with the paid version, you can only measure three hashtags and three accounts.

With Keyhole, you basically have the same reports than Gabstats but, with better aesthetics. Therefore, you can check your account with historical trends. But, the special part is when looking for a hashtag because it shows you similar ones, and how important is each one of them.

It has a free trial for 30 days, limited to 1000 posts on Instagram. This app, focus on analyzing a hashtag’s performing only on Instagram and Twitter. Yes, you have to log in to your account so it can take all the data from it. And then, show which hashtag is the one you want to analyze.

Besides, you can watch how many followers have the users that used your hashtags, and those who made most posts. Also, you can see how many posts were made per hashtag, and how many likes and comments received.

Instagram Analytics Tools

In case you want to compare between accounts immediately, Octosyncs offers a complete analytics and monitoring suite. In fact, it’s ideal for teams who aim to analyze how they’re doing on different platforms and compare. However, it’s free for only 7 days, and it costs $60 monthly, which allows you to track up to 5 accounts.

You have to log in to your Facebook account, and then, add the account you want to analyze. Later, you can see a full abstract of your activity and the most used words in comments and posts. Furthermore, you can export all data if you want to make an abstract of your own.


Until recently, IconoSquare was the free tool everybody used for Instagram analytics. Now, you have only 1 week of free trial and has paid plans from $4.90 monthly, including multiple metrics you can see on the left side of the website. Particularly, you can see things such as how many likes and comments you received from people who are not following you.

In conclusion, it’s a powerful tool for a low price if you want to take the most from your account. Furthermore, it shows you metrics from a different perspective, so that you can compare and relate them the way you want. Finally, it will show you pretty graphics, and therefore, you can export and show them.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Pirendo is also a full suite of analytics solutions for Social Media in general. Particularly, it doesn’t work with a monthly subscription. Instead, you can pay for every report you create for a fixed prize, according to the graphics and data you wish to use. Therefore, it’s ideal for short-term plans, strategies, and campaigns.

In essence, you can build reports from an account or particular hashtag. Thus, it’s useful for users who only want to analyze one thing only and don’t know much how to do it. Similarly, for seniors who are seeking to deeply analyze a phenomenon in a profile. Besides, it shows you very interesting demos, so that you can have a guide.

The hot part of this tool is the way it details the most used and effective hashtags. Besides, it offers a full explanation of your followers’ pattern. Meaning, it shows you where do they come from, how many you earn and how many you lose. Besides, it helps you to know when is the best time for posting according to the format, video, image and so on. Lastly, it’s free for one week where you can try almost all the feature, and then, you can pay 20$ per month if you love it.

9. MetriCool

Firstly, it has very good graphics and lets you know how you’re doing on your Instagram account. Secondly, this is a good analytics solution for Social Media for free. Nevertheless, it only allows you to check your profiles, not looking at your competitors or other accounts. Even though it’s from Spain, has an English version.

Probably, when starting it takes a while because it’s calculating data, so be patient. Once you have all the data, you can define the rank of your analytics. However, it takes a maximum of three months in its free version. Anyway, if you want to pay the full version, it only costs $9.99 a month more taxes, including reports and adding up to 10 accounts.

At first, you’ll see a graph of your followers’ growth on Instagram. Later, you’ll see data from your interaction levels, and most liked and commented posts. Finally, you’ll see how many new followers you have in detail of who they were.

Instagram Analytics Tools

There you go, now you have a perfect bag full of analytics tools to try. So, there’s no chance for fears. Therefore, you need to start practicing today and become an analytics star!



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