Belle Delphine Was Banned

Social media platforms are available for us all to use. However, in order to remain active as a user, one has to follow certain rules. Otherwise, we can simply get kicked off the site. And this doesn’t only apply to Instagram, but to all social media platforms in general. 

Indeed, there have been times when users have been banned from social media. It only takes violating the terms of service of the platform you are using and boom, your account is gone. Moreover, users, in general, have the power to decide who deserves to be on a site and who doesn’t. 

For instance, if a bunch of people think someone is posting content that should not be on a family-friendly platform, they can report you and have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter ban your account. 

It’s happened before and it will continue to happen for as long as social media exists. In this case, however, we are going to talk about one person in particular -Belle Delphine. 

Belle Delphine Cosplayer

Who Is Belle Delphine?

So, Belle Delphine is a former Instagram model who became popular for a bunch of different things. The first of them all is that of posting provocative photos and videos across all her social media platforms. Indeed, the 20 year old model was not only an Instagram user but also a Snapchat celebrity

And even though she is no longer on Instagram, people can still see her content through Snapchat. As a matter of fact, fans can pay money to access her premium Snapchat and check some of her NSFW content. 

Delphine, who was initially known for being a cosplayer, became even more popular for doing something somewhat bizarre. You see, in July 2019, news outlets started reporting how the 20 year old model started selling bathwater. That’s right! Bathwater. 

Apparently, the cosplayer thought it would be a good idea to sell jars filled with the same water she used to clean herself. Well, as odd as this might sound, she actually managed to sell all of the jars. Evidently, this became viral and everyone started talking about her.

Belle Delphine Bathwater

Why Did Instagram Close Her Account

So, the short answer to this question is because she violated Instagram’s policies. The fact of the matter is that once the story of the bathwater became viral, a lot of people started paying attention to who she was as an Instagram influencer.

Unfortunately, her Instagram profile was filled with photos that one could easily consider as soft pornography. Evidently, tons of people weren’t happy with any of this and so they decided to massively report her account. 

And to be fair, Delphine was indeed posting content that doesn’t fit Instagram’s policies. For example, there were posts where she covered her nipples with black duct tape, posts where she grabbed her intimate parts, among other similar things. 

Instagram banned belle delphine

Will She Come Back?

Finally, the cosplayer has revealed in her Patreon account that Instagram didn’t really ban her. As a matter of fact, she claimed that the reason why she is no longer on Instagram has to do with a technical problem. But, that’s not all. Apparently, the cosplayer is in contact with Instagram and they are already working on bringing her account back to life. 

Honestly, we don’t buy any of that. But, who knows? Perhaps we’re wrong. At this point, only time will tell whether Belle Delphine returns to Instagram or not.

What do we know about Belle Delphine


Even though Belle Delphine is no longer on Instagram, you can still find a lot of her photos on the platform. In fact, all you need to do is to type her name and you will find tons of accounts created by fans.

Most of the accounts have a couple of thousand followers. But, the original one, which is no longer available has over 4 million followers. So, what do you think? Should Instagram allow Belle Delphine to come back to the platform? Let us know in the comments below.


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