COVID-19 filters are no longer allowed on Instagram

The world is currently going through a historical moment that will be remembered for many years to come. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been spreading all over the world killing a small percentage of people who wanted nothing but to live in peace. And even though a lot of people don’t seem to be worried about the situation. There are reasons to start taking this pandemic a lot more seriously. 

You see, when the whole Coronavirus thing started, many people all over the world didn’t even pay attention. As a matter of fact, I must admit that I was one of those people. Personally, I thought, meh, this is something that will just last a couple of weeks and then we’re good. 

But, it didn’t last just a couple of weeks. And it didn’t get to a point to where we can say “We’re good.” The point is that just like me, a lot of people took this lightly. Furthermore, they started to create memes.


The Memes

There is not much to say regarding this topic. The world is basically a giant meme. No matter what happens on the planet, there will always be a meme about it. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, memes get us to smile or laugh to forget about something bad happening in our lives. 

However, some users on Instagram took things a little further and started to create COVID-19 filters. Something that was considered disrespectful and that eventually got banned.

Instagram COVID-19 memes

COVID-19 Instagram Filters – Getting Banned

So, do you remember the “Who you are” filter? Well, people’s creativity gave life to something similar. But, using the Coronavirus as a base. You see, for a short period of time, people could download a filter that would “tell” you if you had Coronavirus. 

Evidently, we all know a filter cannot for real tell you that. However, Instagram saw this and decided to take action against it. In short, they banned them.

Basically, the hope is to get people to take things more seriously and not mock something as delicate as the Coronavirus. Especially now that it’s taking victims all over the world.

The filters

There was more than one filter COVID-19 themed. One of the most popular was the one we mentioned above. However, there were others that also made it into the platform.  Masks, Toilet Paper, and even one where you could simulate to have particles of the virus around your face. 

Instagram did not like this at all and issued a statement over Twitter clarifying that all COVID-19 related AR effects will no longer be allowed on the platform.

COVID-19 Instagram Filters

Important Note

The Coronavirus is not something to joke about. Now more than ever you need to stay protected. So, wash your hands constantly and cover your face when you want to sneeze. 


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