Instagram booking feature

Both Facebook and Instagram have become the go-to sites for businesses to grow. In fact, there are millions of online businesses operating within these platforms from all over the world. Evidently, the idea of allowing people to set up their businesses online means that they need to have certain tools to provide a unique experience to their customers. 

For instance, access Instagram and visit your favourite brand. You can directly shop from their posts, find out about interesting events and more. The list of features these two platforms have is extensive. And yet they keep working constantly to provide us with new ways to interact with our favourite brands

As a matter of fact, both Instagram and Facebook have released a new feature that allows users to book appointments directly from the apps. Today, we are going to tell you all about it. 

Instagram booking feature

 Facebook and Instagram Booking Feature

Ever since Facebook and Instagram became business platforms, people from all over the world have found success. Indeed, millions of brands operate on such platforms. Nail salons, restaurants, spas, etc. However, for us to book an appointment in our favourite locations, we needed to call the number the brands put on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to do that anymore. We are now able to book appointments from within these apps in the blink of an eye. 

Now, booking an appointment is so easy that even a 5-year-old could do it. Here’s what to do. First, go to your favourite brand’s Facebook or Instagram profile. Then, tap where it says “Book Now.” Finally, select the service and the time, and confirm by tapping the “Book Now” button once again.

Book appointments on Facebook


One thing to notice is that you will only be able to book appointments if the person or people running the brand on Facebook or Instagram decide to activate the “Book Now” button on the platform. 

Now, are you a brand? Do you want to add this feature to your profile? All you need to do is follow a few steps. Click here to learn how to add the “Book Now” button to Facebook and Instagram.


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