Instagram bot sellers

Most people think the only way to get noticed on Instagram is to have a large number of followers. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that this is not actually true. In fact, you can start opening your path on the social media game with as little as three to four hundred followers. 

However, most Instagram users don’t really like to put in the effort and grow organically. So, they do what’s easiest. Buy followers. Right now, buying followers is the easiest thing to do in the world. As a matter of fact, you can simply type the word followers in your search bar, and you will literally get tons of results of websites trying to sell you followers. 

Instagram bot sellers

But it doesn’t end there. These very same sites also sell you likes, comments and in some cases, they even promise to give you a verification badge. In a nutshell, you can “become an influencer” in the blink of an eye. 

Now, all those likes, comments, and followers are actually bots. Automated software commanded to follow a specific task. They have been around for several years now, and during that time, companies that sell them have become rich. 

Well, it seems Facebook has just had enough of it. In fact, the multimillionaire company is now suing Instagram bot sellers in New Zealand.

Instagram Bot Sellers

The Sue

Facebook has sued a New Zealand company called Social Media Series Limited for selling fake likes, comments, and followers on Instagram. The company has been active since mid-2015 and has since sold millions of followers to people all over the world. 

Originally, the New Zealand company used to operate under two sites called and Both of which are no longer available anymore. However, the owners of the company – Arend Nollen, Leon Hedges, and David Pasanen have managed to continue their operations by creating provisional sites from where they can keep selling their bots.

Facebook reported having sent them a cease and desist notice in early 2018. But despite their efforts to put an end to this without having to involve the law, the counter party decided to ignore them. 

As a result, Facebook has decided to formally sue the company and requested the US court to stop the company’s behaviour so that Instagram’s integrity can be protected. Finally, Facebook estimates that the New Zealand company has earned around $9.4 million through selling fake social media engagement.

Facebook sues Instagram bot sellers

Final Thoughts

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it was about time for Facebook to do something regarding this issue. Bots might seem harmless. But, the truth is that they contribute to people scamming companies and more

For instance, if someone wants to benefit from being an “influencer” all they need to do is buy followers online and scam companies into giving them things free of charge.

However, we can definitely recommend one website that sells followers, likes etc. and that is Instafamous Pro. The unique selling point of Instafamous Pro is that they don’t sell bots, but offer real, genuine followers. So if you still want to go down the road of buying followers, then this is the way to go – there are absolutely no bots here. 

Now, it is still too soon to know whether or not Facebook will win this sue. But we can at least rest assured that measures against these type of companies are being taken. 


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