Instagram is becoming increasingly more important to business owners to promote their brands. Cafes and restaurants especially like to use Instagram to advertise. Simply uploading a nice pic of your business or offerings can attract people to come visit.

Here are some tips to attracting more customers using Instagram:

  1. Post regularly.
    Keep your followers attention by posting photos at least once a day.
  2. Tag your photos.
    Try and use popular hashtags that are relevant to your pictures and business. This will ensure more people see your pics and could attract new followers or customers. Just make sure you keep it to a maximum of 30 hashtags.
  3. Ask questions and promote interaction.
    Your photos caption is just as important as the picture itself. Don’t just spam advertisements in your captions. Ask questions and promote interaction from followers. This will ensure your photo is shown more and help build a community of potential customers.
  4. Hold contests.
    This is a great way to attract new followers and customers. Get people to use your hashtags, share your photo, or comment to win small prizes.
  5. Buy followers.
    If you are struggling with a small amount of followers and want to create a strong image then buy instagram followers. Make sure they are real and active followers that will interact with your content.



If you are wondering why you should try promoting your business on Instagram have a quick look at the infographic below..


Instagram for businesses



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