Instagram card information

Instagram has become a platform where you can do much more than just watch photos and videos. For example, did you know that you can buy stuff directly from the app? Indeed, Instagram has put a lot of effort into adding multiple features for its users to buy things from their favourite brands.

But, in order to do so, they need to set up a payment method. Now, how can one do that? Well, it’s pretty easy really, and today we are going to walk you through the whole process. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Instagram shopping

Instagram Card Information – Set-Up

So, adding your card information to Instagram is as easy as adding a profile picture. First of all, you will need to open up the app on your phone and go to your profile. Then, tap settings and scroll down and to where it says payment. 

There, you will need to tap the option that reads payment methods and fill in your card information. Fortunately, Instagram accepts almost all cards. But, if you don’t want to add a debit or credit card, that’s okay too. As a matter of fact, you can use PayPal to buy things within the app. However, this payment method might only be available in some countries.

Instagram card information


Finally, the most important thing is to keep your money safe. So, what you want to do is set up a security pin to protect yourself from losing money. For example, imagine you lend your phone to your curious nephew. Only that instead of playing games such as Candy Crush or others, they decide to go into Instagram. 

The worst thing that can happen is that they accidentally buy something. So, in order to prevent these kind of situations, all you need to do is protect your card with a security pin. And to do so, you will need to go back to the payment section and select “Security Password”. 

And that’s it. You’re ready to start shopping within the app.


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