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We all know the most followed celebrities on Instagram. We keep track of the most well-known icons and influencers. But what do we know about celebrity kids on Instagram? It’s an excellent subject to know and work with. Although, it takes a lot of responsibility. However, we have already told you how to keep kids safe on social media. Now, you’re going to see how to make a kid rock on Instagram like a grown up. All these celebrity kids on Instagram know how to use trends in their favour and become powerful influencers, even for adult audiences.

The kids you’re about to see became famous for being talented. Nevertheless, they know that talent is not enough these days. Thus, they try to show the fresh life that they lead. Besides, some of them raise their voice in important subjects too. It’s wonderful to see how most of them are a good example for other kids that want to be like them. Also, their profiles are so cool that other celebrities would kill to feature on one of their posts! Behold, 6 of the coolest celebrity kids on Instagram:

1. Millie Bobby Brown
Indeed, it’s hard to know who this little girl is. But you can give it a try. Imagine her – mad, bold and wearing a pink dress. Okay, one more time. Imagine her next to four other kids and a board game you already know, that’s about monsters. Yeah! You figured it out. She’s “Eleven” from Netflix’s popular show “Stranger Things.” Her real name is Millie Bobby Brown, and now she’s a famous girl in town.

Suddenly, she went from a few thousand followers to 3.7M. Although it’s not hard work when you’re the “it” kid in the world. Instead of trying to take a picture with celebrities, famous people want to take a picture with her. So, it’s not hard to imagine how this talented girl has one of the best profiles of celebrity kids on Instagram.


2. Maddie Ziegler

From one “it” kid to another, we introduce you to Maddie Ziegler. You also have to think twice to recognise this girl. So, imagine her wearing a blonde wig and dancing around in a bodysuit. Got it? Yes, you do! She’s the famous dancer girl from Sia’s videos. When you sing “Chandelier,” you immediately imagine Maddie dancing in that abandoned apartment. Besides, she comes from a famous reality show too. Although, what made her famous were all of the videos and performances next to Sia.

And if that wasn’t enough, her bestie is Millie Bobby Brown. Therefore, they’re the current queens of celebrity kids on Instagram. They enjoy posting photos hanging around or spending time with other famous people. We love them!


3. Noah Schnapp

It’s not hard to guess who Noah is. As you may know, this kid comes from “Stranger Things” too. It’s hard to just pick one profile of all the kids from this show because they’re all amazing! However, we also chose Noah due to his elegance and manners. It’s almost unbelievable this is just a regular kid. As you can see in this picture, he behaves like a grown up boy with charm and gracefulness.

His incredible style is something to applaud these days. In fact, it’s a diamond between rocks because, without question, kids today are more up to chill and current styles. We thank his parents and managers for making him the way he is. Besides, it ‘s nice to see that the kids that follow him may also want to be this elegant. Thank you, Noah!


4. Gaten Matarazzo

Ok, we know, it’s the third kid from “Stranger Things.” But, come on! How can we just say no? It’s amazing to see Instagram celebrity kids profiles like these. Gaten’s profile is something that you could show to your child. He’s funny but smart, and chic at the same time. It’s so good to see how at such a young age he knows how to work his account correctly. He has also joined live transmissions for Instagram Stories and Snapchat channels.

At his age, this little fella is already a celebrity and an Influencer. He knows what to say, what to show and how to show himself to his fans. People from all ages follow him and adore the playful spirit he has. Besides, he knows colorful is the word that defines his visual branding!


5. Jacob Tremblay

Well, girls, please calm down! We are aware this little gentleman makes us sigh. Furthermore, it’s impossible not wanting to see him growing up. In case you didn’t know, he’s the amazing kid actor from “Room,” the movie. However, the one who took an Oscar for it was his co-star, but he won our hearts. Besides, we will never forget his little face and incredible acting skills in such a dark drama.

His account is not far from what we think of him. All sweetness and special moments with celebrities, friends, and family. It’s amazing to see how he shows backstage footage of his projects and all the fun he has on set. Perhaps, he’s not that famous as the Stranger Things’ kids. But, if you want to improve your children’ acting career promotion, he’s the perfect note!


6. Cruz Beckham
Finally, a famous name! Yes, without question, it’s David Beckham’s son. Also, he’s the son of the famous Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. Like father and mother, like son. Following his mom’s steps, Cruz made his introduction to the world through the music industry for Christmas. With a beautiful song, he conquered our hearts! Afterward, we kept following his cool steps through his account.

A curious fact is that the Beckhams don’t let their kids post as they please. Instead, they supervise everything they want to post. So, if they think something is inappropriate, even the eldest child has to cut off the post. It’s a good example to follow as a parent because kids should be supervised on Social Media for their safety.


Now it’s your turn to explore all their profiles. Try to find the different trends and strategies they use to grow their community. How is their engagement? What profile fits better for your kid? Ask yourself all the questions necessary and create an account like one of the above!



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