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Instagram Color Marketing – Do Colors Really Influence Your Instagram Posts?

In its early years, Instagram was only a social platform in which people could upload their photos to share moments with their friends and family. Now, the whole concept of the photo-sharing app has changed.

Brands started to promote their products on Instagram and of course marketing became an important factor in the app. Oftently people try to come up with new ideas to help their brands and businesses grow on the social platform.

However, what they don’t always realize is that even the simplest thing can work. Let’s take colors as an example.

People take colors for granted. But the truth is, they are way too important when trying to promote something. Stay with us as we will explain how colors can help you create engagement in your Instagram posts.

multiple colors

Color Marketing

First of all, it is important for you to understand why colors are a big deal in the nowadays world. They don’t only help you to transmit a message and influence people but also to build an identity for your brand.

Let’s take Old Spice as an example. The American Brand of personal care products has been killing it with its marketing campaign for a few years now.

And even though people relate such brand with the commercials of Terry Crew and Isaiah Mustafa, there is also one other thing that represents the brand (Its Color).

Old Spice’s red color has become the identity of the brand. We can see it in its logo, its products, and even its commercials. In fact, if you watch Old Spice’s commercials you will notice the color red is placed in most of the scenes.

Advertisers do this on purpose to get the audience to relate the brand with such color. But, why though? Well, keep reading.

Old Spice Color Marketing

Effects Of The Colors

Each color causes a particular effect on people and knowing it allows companies to plan marketing campaigns to promote their products.

Let’s take Old Spice as an example once more. The American personal care brand has made its business to use red as the identity of its brand. But, why?

Well, in marketing the color red is used to generate a sense of urgency, increase the heart rate and also make people buy impulsively. (Do we need to say more?)

Such color is also used to open people’s appetite. So it works perfectly with restaurants and of course with food commercials.

Now, before we go any further, let’s see the meaning of a few colors.

Colors in Marketing

1. Red

Red is a color that evokes strong emotions, open the appetite and increase intensity and passion. It is often used to get people to feel a sense of urgency that drives them to buy without thinking.

Coke, Lego, and CNN are just a few of the companies that use this color to make people feel identified with their brands.

effect of the color red in marketing

2. Blue

Blue is a color associated with water and peace. It represents calm and serenity and also increases productivity. In marketing, this color is used to create a sensation of trust and security towards a brand.

Plus it is also used by many companies to get employees to be more proactive and less invasive.

Pepsi, Oreo, and Wallmart are a few of the companies that use the color blue to make people feel identified with their brands.

effect of the color blue in marketing

3. Yellow

Yellow is a color that increases joy and affection. It stimulates mental processes and encourages communication. In marketing, this color is used to show clarity and to grab the attention of window shoppers.

It can even be used in politics to represent liberalism.

Best Buy, Sun Ships, and Ikea are a few of the companies that use the color yellow to make people feel identified with their brands

effect of the color yellow in marketing

Colors On Instagram

It is not a secret Instagram is a social platform in which visual appealing posts get most of the attention. Using the right colors can help you generate engagement and even make people buy your product or service (that is of course if you sell something)

For example, Lego is one of the best brands on Instagram right now. It has over 2m followers and of course posts new things every day.

Among all its posts, the company knows what colors to use to reach their goals. In fact, if you visit Lego’s Instagram profile, you will notice they employ the three primary colors to cause an effect on people.

Red, Yellow, and Blue. (Impulsive purchase, attention, and sensation of trust)

So what does this mean? Well, simple. It means in order to generate good results you need to make your research and determine which color or colors you want to use to send a message through your posts.

effect of colors on Instagram posts

Create Engagement With Colors

Colors play an important role in Instagram posts. They have a secret effect on people that you can take as an advantage

For example, imagine you have a small company that sells T-Shirts with printed designs. Think about the color you want to use to reach your goals and hire someone to create a mockup where you will put your designs.

It helps to know the effects each color has on people. Red will get your followers to feel the urgent desire of buying your product, yellow will call your followers’ attention and well, we could go on and on, but you get the point.

Now, Keep in mind colors are just a piece of the cake, you need to compliment them with a creative idea that will make your posts even more appealing to those who follow you or your brand.



Here’s a piece of advice. In order to arm a good marketing strategy using colors, think about the market your business is targeting.

For example, let’s say your goal is to sell children’s books. If so, you should think about using primary colors. In fact, using the right colors will call children’s attention and for instance, it will wake up a desire to get such book.

Now, children don’t often buy things but consider how insistent they are with their parents when they want something.




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