Instagram color strategy

There are many ways in which a person can grow on Instagram. Most of the time people choose to work with ads in order to gain followers. But, is this the only way to grow on the photo-sharing platform? Of course not!

There are literally hundreds of ways in which a person can succeed on Instagram. However, today we will just focus on one – colours. That’s right, believe it or not, colours have a great influence on people. 

Therefore, knowing what colours to use on your Instagram posts can get you a huge number of followers. But, before we tell you how you can determine the best colours to use on your posts, we invite you to read another one of our articles on the topic (Instagram Colour Marketing).

Instagram color marketing

This will help you understand a bit more about the influence of colours on people. Now, let’s say you already know how colours work and what they can do. You still need to find the exact colours that work the best for your Instagram account., in order to create a colour strategy. 

But, how do I do that? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Just keep reading to find out. 

How To Find The Right Colours For Your Instagram Account

In order to discover which colours work best for your Instagram account, you will need to access a website. First of all, go to your browser and type Year of colour. Doing so will redirect you to a website created by British designer Stef Lewandowski. 

Second of all, click where it says “Log in with Instagram”. The website is very straightforward. In fact, it is pretty similar to the best nine page. It helps you track the colours of your most popular photos from the period of time you choose. 

So, when clicking the option we already mentioned, all you need to do is select the period of time from where you want the site to examine your photos and wait for the results.

Eventually, it will show you a chart with the variety of colours that were part of your most popular photos.  

Year of color

Instagram Colour Strategy

Evidently, the chart of colours can now help you to create a colour strategy to attract more followers and get more interactions. And, to make it even better, you can also get a monthly report. In other words, you can keep track of how well the colours you use work.

Color code your Instagram posts


As stated on the website, you need to have your account public so that you can get your chart of colours. Also, if you have more than one Instagram account, you need to sign in with the one that you want to be examined. 

The time it takes to show you the results might vary depending on the period of time you want the website to examine your photos. Still, it doesn’t take that long. In general it takes from a few seconds to a minute – completely worth it in our eyes!



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