Construction worker becomes famous on Instagram

So, the other day I was chilling in my office getting ready to start watching a movie on Netflix. But, for some reason I decided to check my Facebook feed. Perhaps I could find some memes that would make me laugh. And oh boy, what I found was gold. To put it briefly, what I found was not a meme, but rather an interesting story.

You see, I am a follower of Men’s Humour Facebook page, and while I was scrolling down my feed, I found this: 

Construction worker becomes an Instagram Influencer

The post was indeed funny. So, I decided to read the comments and learn a bit more about it. Incredibly, when I started going through what people had to say, there were already screenshots of the account in question showing how followers were growing. 

As a matter of fact, the construction worker’s account had gone from just 75 followers to its first 150k. Evidently, one would never expect someone in the construction field to care much about Instagram. So, seeing someone of that area on the social media platform was certainly new. 

The Story

So, how did this account become so popular? Was there a sort of fascinating story behind it? Well, kind of. But, more than fascinating, the context of the post that made this Instagram account go viral was rather curious. You see, we all are aware of how difficult it is for our parents to understand social media. They simply don’t use it as well as we do.

As a matter of fact, some of them don’t even know what Instagram is. Much less understand the concept of what an influencer does. So, taking this as a premise, a funny story began to circulate. Apparently, there was this father/ construction worker who had asked her daughter what an influencer was.

So she kindly explained to him the concept. But, this is not really where it ends. The daughter went on to tweet the story and explain that after she had told her father what an influencer was, he said: “Pshh, I could do that.” Next thing you know, he created his first Instagram account. 

The construction worker influencer is fake

True Or Hoax?

The idea of seeing someone’s father discovering Instagram and becoming an influencer, makes a person picture their dads doing the same. What if my father decided to become an Instagram influencer? At least, I know I have imagined that. So, in short, we empathise with the story. 

But, what happens when you find out nothing was ever real. Perhaps, it was indeed too good to be true. Well, this is one of those cases. Apparently, the so-called construction worker influencer doesn’t even have a daughter.

In fact, the woman who claimed that title is just someone who was paid to tweet the story. Moreover, her Twitter account is set to private. So, no one can actually send her a message. 

Now, what do we know about the actual person behind the popular Instagram account? Well, his name is Omar Madani and he has now become an influencer like any other. He gets paid by a business called Cuvée Coffee Bar to post on the account and promote the company at the same time. 

The only difference is that he, unlike most influencers, doesn’t really own his Instagram account. He simply pretends to be the owner for marketing purposes.

Construction woker goes viral on Instagram

Final Thoughts

These days, it’s very easy to make something fake go viral. For instance, do any of you remember that time “Justin Bieber” was caught eating a burrito sideways? Well, it was all fake. And so was the story of the construction worker. 

But, even now that the truth is out in the open many people continue to follow the Instagram account. As a matter of fact, it keeps getting new followers day after day. We can’t tell when you are reading this article, but as of the date that I am writing this, the account has already reached its first 500k followers. 

And honestly, I do think they are well earned. Yes, the story about the father was not true. But, the marketing strategy the coffee brand applied to reach their success was very clever. So, we could argue that their current number of followers is a product of their efforts. Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 



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