“Netflix and Chill” isn’t the only thing that Netflix has taught us through these years. This company drives us crazy with all its movies and TV series, and they want to provide us with amazing content on their social media too. They really know how to reflect the moments when we got hooked, create awesome videos to keep the story going on, post crazy GIFs with our favorite characters, and behave like the fans we already are.

They know how to listen to their audience. Even with the funny responses for their user’s comments, they’re creating a new way of content. So, let’s check some moments on Instagram, where Netflix gave us one lesson or two.

1. Bring it back to life!

More than 9 years since the last Gilmore Girls episode launched on TV, and now is back on Netflix this month. What can be better than an inside selfie with the starring cast of the show? Right from the Dragonfly Inn, Michel and Lorelai greet the fans on this Instagram post. This is the first time we see the Inn in a long time, and the feeling is exactly the same: joy and love. Thank you, Netflix, we really appreciate you bring these guys back.

Gilmore Girls: Michel & Lorelai
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2. Let the coolest people manage your account

The Emmy Awards had a special show from our favorite kids in the world: the kids from Stranger Things. But, who did get the cool from the coolest? Netflix did. Gaten Matarazzo, or our funny Dustin, as the world knows him, took the Netflix’s Instagram account during the Emmy Awards night. The little kid showed us an insight of the show and the awesome adventures these kids had during the night.


3. Engage with the real feeling

Most TV networks try to engage with us through the adventure, romance, action, and so. Netflix is aware of the true feeling that moves their audience: obsession. The Netflix fans can spend hours and hours watching their favorite content. Actually, some of them joke saying that the platform is some sort of relationship and they can easily skip a party just to stay at home and watch a movie. Since this feeling is well-known, the company uses it to engage with their audience making content like this one where one of the To-Do List’s things is “Watch Netflix Until I Pass Out”.

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4. The obvious isn’t cool

We don’t need a poster with the name of the TV series and the launching date because that would be boring. Instead, we put a few objects creatively together and the perfect post is ready for our fans. That’s pretty much what Netflix thought, and we totally agree with them. This time,  they did it for one of their most popular shows , “Orange Is The New Black”. The show about the crazy inmate girls from Leitchfield that we love. Netflix put an Orange, from the title, a knife, for well-known reasons, and the hand draw of an inmate. Simple and awesome!

Orange Is The New Black
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5. Keep with the obsession mood

Who might think Netflix and Tinder would’ve had this in common? But think twice. The dating app and the platform have “The obsession factor” in common. When we’re into Tinder we basically need someone to stop us from keep taping and taping the screen. If you look closer, that’s the same thing you do with Netflix. How many times have you’ve told yourself: “Just one more episode”? And you just keep watching infinitely. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and this post proves it.

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It's a match!

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6. Try to keep people together

Friendship bonds are eternal, and Netflix wants to be part of it. Most of you know that the final step for accomplishing a serious friendship or relationship is this: that someone shares the Netflix account with you. That’s the modern way to say “I love you a lot” and we all want this happens in our life at least once. In this post, it’s exposed perfectly in a very serious question with a very simple answer. Now you know what to ask for on Christmas.

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7. Open Loops for the next generations

They’re going to spoil you and you won’t mind! Because, as they said, “History is the biggest spoiler” and who dares to say it isn’t true? If we know the facts or we can easily check them out on google, we can’t blame them for telling us what happens. The great part is how they made us stay tune by applying the mystery in what we can’t check on history and we only dare to imagine. Like this Narcos’s post, we all know Pablo Escobar dies, but they want us wondering “Who killed Pablo?”

Narcos on Netflix
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We know you would love to watch some more examples of this amazing Netflix world. But tell us… What’s your favorite Netflix moment on Social Media?


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