Instagram creator accounts

Instagram is now working on a new possible update that will allow both influencers and celebrities to have more control over their accounts. But, how? Well, this could happen thanks to the Instagram creator accounts. A sort of exclusive feature for those high profile people on Instagram that will offer an interesting set of perks.

So far, there is not much information on the topic. Still, there is an overall idea of what we should expect when this new update is released. Here’s what you need to know. 

Instagram creator accounts for influencers

Who Will Be Able To Access This Feature

Unlike most updates on Instagram, this one will be exclusive for influencers, celebrities, and brands. Moreover, they will need to have their accounts verified in order to access all the perks the creator accounts will offer.

Instagram creator accounts for verified users


Evidently, this exclusive update will also have some perks. For example, creators will have the option to filter direct messages. But, what does this mean? Well, in a few words, they will be able to limit who has the ability to contact them.  

And if you think about it, this is actually a great feature. Most influencers receive hundreds if not thousands of DMs every day. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for them to differentiate between spam messages and possible work messages. 

Instagram is testing creator accounts

In addition, creators will also have more in-depth analytics over their follower counts. This means they will not only be able to see who follows them but also who unfollows them. 

Finally, since this new update is still being tested, there will be possible new surprises the moment it is released. Either way, we will be here to tell you all about it. 

Final Thoughts

Even though there have been no clues on when this new update will be released, we think it is an excellent idea. Instagram has become a platform in which many people grow professionally.

So, it makes sense that the leading team over the company wants to work in giving influencers and celebrities more control over their experience on the app.

Hopefully, we will know more about this update later this year.


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