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Previously, we pointed some exciting news from Instagram during December 2017. But, as you can see, there are more, and we die to share it with you. In case you missed our previous post, we invite you to watch it first, so you won’t miss any updates.

In this edition, we’re about to see how you can manipulate your friend’s private messages and create a new way of conversations. Furthermore, you’ll see how to share your live videos the easiest way possible and let other see live videos you like. Also, we say goodbye to the old 24 hrs rule on Instagram Stories and say hello to older memories. Finally, the web version is getting better every day and now you’re able to do more things from your PC. Keep reading and find out what are we talking about.

1.Remix Photos From Friends in Direct

Both for Android and iOS, this update is available for version 24. So, the first you need to take is update the app on your device. Once you do that, we can tell you how amazing is going to be your Instagram Stories experience with friends. Until now, when a friend sent you a private story the more you could do was to replay it. From now on, you can create something even funnier with that message and start a new game or conversation.

How? Well,  when they send you a new photo message, direct your finger to the bottom when the camera icon is and tap it. Secondly, capture it and start a reply. You can move, resize or do whatever you want to that capture and place it in front of your reply. Furthermore, you can add stickers, a cool text or draw something fun around the image. Finally, make a back and forth reply, so your story has that extra touch of movement.

However, it’s not the only new thing. Also, you can control your replies when sending a photo or video message. Previously, your friends were only able to could only see the message once and then, reply. In case they didn’t see it, the message was lost, and there’s no point in that, right? Well, now you can select “one view” option when that’s your intention. But, you can also choose “allow reply” loop, so your friends can tap and capture or pause your message.

instagram december

2.Stories and Save on Mobile Web

Your wishes came true, and we know you wanted this. A mobile version of Instagram where you can actually edit, and work directly is a dream for most of us. However, we’re a bit far from that yet. But, little by little, we’re enjoying more web features. For instance, now you can go to, create stories, and save posts you like. Yes, it’s a big step and we appreciate. Although, we’d love the entire packet soon.

When you get into the site, you’ll see the same camera icon top right corner. Tap it, take a picture or add an existent picture. You can’t do much after taking the picture, but this is a step by step thing. Nevertheless, you can add some text to it and change its color. When you’re done, tap “Share your story” and therefore, everyone is going to be able to see it.

Additionally, you can see a new feature, which is “Save” posts you’ve liked. Indeed, it’s nothing new for the app because you can even save for collection from your mobile app. Anyway, this is new for web users, who can now have access to that option. It’s as easy as in the app. Thence, the only thing you need to do is to like a post, go to the save icon and keep the memories in a good place.

instagram december

3.Expanding Uploads from your Camera Roll

Say goodbye to the 24 hrs limitation and say hello to a lifetime of fun and sharing. From now on, you can search all you want in your camera roll until you find the right memory to post on your Instagram Stories. Whether a video or a photo, you have to do the same you use to do when sharing the feature, by tapping the camera icon, swipe and choose.

Furthermore, if you pick something from the past, you have a plus to add. Once you select that old picture or video, you’ll see a new sticker that helps you to add context and let everyone know when it was taken. Similarly to other stickers, you can customize as you want. So, there’s no excuse for keeping those memories just for you!

instagram december

4. New! Send a Live Video in Direct

Let’s take Live Streaming to a different level and prepare your brand or your audience for more connection. Now, you can stream a live story, and, with a simple tap, send it through a private message. Previously, you could only stream, then, you could keep playing it for 24 hrs. Later, you could add a friend to the transmission. From now on, you can do all that and send it to friends or clients.

Furthermore, you can do this sharing step when live. Yes, while you’re joking and interacting with people, you can invite friends to join through private message. Thence, the only thing you need to do is to tap the “Direct” icon at the bottom and send. Although, we have bad news. Your friend can only see it while you’re live. Otherwise, they’ll just see a message saying that the video is over.

Plus, as a viewer, you can also share a live video with other friends. The only thing you need to do is to tap the direct icon at the bottom of the video and share. It’s a big door open now that you can share these transmissions because more people are able to watch what you’re doing and interact with you.

instagram december

Here it is, the amazing features from Instagram. Ultimately, interaction is the most important thing they’re focusing on, and we can’t complain. Please, share your thoughts with us and let us know if you try any of these updates.


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