Once again, we meet to discover the new places Instagram wants to take us. And, it’s fascinating to see how in such a short time we can enjoy multiple new options to enjoy our daily moments and special occasions such as Holidays. Therefore, we dug into the new features launched for Instagram December edition, so you can have a clearer idea of what’s going on in your favorite app. Also, we keep focusing on the better way to take advantage of these new cool stuff. So, please enjoy the ride and keep scrolling down.
1.Creative Tools for the Holidays

  • New superzoom features: Everybody fell in love with the Superzoom feature previously launched for Halloween, among the special sticker pack. Nevertheless, Instagram is always ready to surprise us once more and now it’s time for more of that hot sauce. Thus, now we’ve got more to play with when it comes to Superzoom because more options are available. Yes, from now on, you can direct your finger to the Superzoom button and try new zoom and sound effects. However, it will be rolling out for the next weeks, so don’t panic if you can’t find them yet.
  • Face filters: Augmented reality is here to stay and in the better form of Face Filters. Therefore, Instagram keeps improving its skills for better user experience and joy of their users. Besides, we’re used to they surprise us with features launched for special occasions and festivities. And of course, Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the biggest time to celebrate. So, now you can find three new filters to play with, and get into the magic mood by sharing your creations with your friends.
  • Stickers: New Face Filters can’t complete without a good package of special stickers. Therefore, you can also find new holiday stickers to add to your pics. Furthermore, no matter if you’re in winter or summer depending on your location, you’ll be able to use them and have fun with it. Plus, they’re all ready for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Thence, you have no excuses to be creative and enjoy the festivities with your stories.
  • Color filters: Android and iOS users might be discovering something really cool the next few days when they update the app. Meaning, new color filters to add a special touch to your stories. However, it won’t take much of a new effort or ew buttons to learn. All the opposite, it’s as simple as you regularly go to your Instagram Stories camera, take the photo, and swipe until you find your new favorite filter.

instagram december

2.Now You Can Follow Hashtags on Instagram

We keep thinking every possible way to keep expanding our community. Also, as personal users, we enjoy discovering more people interested in the same things we do. Therefore, when we found out Instagram launched a new way of catching up with niches, we loved it. Yes, we’re talking about that particular part of your app you’re discovering right now. Following Hashtags is “a thing” now for Instagrammers.

Indeed, it’s not something to use when it comes to hashtags like “#Love” or “#Smile”, which are pretty famous by now. It’s more a thing for those created with a community purpose. Meaning, you can find a lot of new trends, interests, and content you can follow through hashtags. For instance, that slime fever we can’t stop following. Well, now it’s a lot way easier to know what’s new and discover new creators by following #Slime.

You just need to look for the hashtag of your interest and follow it just as you do with a regular profile. Similarly, other people will be able to see what hashtags are you following to just as they can see your followers/following list. Likely, you can see what others are following too, so you can make a better idea where to start your new Hashtag adventure.

instagram december

3.Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive

Instagram Stories approach a new world with this new feature, and we’re loving it already. Whenever you start thinking how tedious is that Stories disappear too fast or you wish you can make them more personal, here goes the solution. Now, you can defend yourself from being too heavy when sharing personal stuff on Stories. How? Well, you’ve got a new way to share those special moments on your profile.

First of all, you can treasure your favorite Stories on a new archive. So, from now on, there’s no need to fear of the 24 hrs you hate so much because we understand some stories last more than one day. Besides, sometimes we all want to recap that special journey and share it again with our friends. In consequence, that archive will be your savor and now you can save what you loved the most.

Secondly, you can see a new section right under your bio section, which is similar to the one up on your timeline. Well, don’t panic, it’s not a mistake on your app, it’s called Highlights from Instagram Stories. Thence, you can go to your archive, pick what’s best and post it in your highlight section. Furthermore, you can select a cover for highlights. Even better, they will stay there until you decide to remove it.


Keep digging on the new Instagram’s features on our next post, and let us know what you think of it. It’s amazing to see what we’ve experienced the last few days, so please share your thoughts with us.



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