Instagram Direct Messages for Web

Instagram is often working on new updates for its mobile version. In fact, we get one or two new features every single month. However, the photo-sharing app does also have a web version which lots of users visit regularly.

But, here’s the thing, unlike the mobile version, Instagram’s web platform lacks certain features. For example, there is no way to upload posts or Stories to Instagram from the web. There is no way to chat with other people using direct messageseither.

So, in other words, Instagram’s web version limits users to a very small number of things. Fortunately, it seems that this might change pretty soon. As a matter of fact, a tweeter user Jane Manchun Wong better known for uncovering unreleased features and security vulnerabilities has led people to believe the messaging option could soon become a reality for Instagram’s web version. 

 Here’s everything you need to know.

Instagram Direct For Web

So, what do we know so far? Well, not much really. At the moment, the idea of having direct messages on the web version of Instagram is just a rumour. A rumour that was born thanks to Jane Manchun Wong. 

She’s a computer engineer, better known for her ability to uncover unreleased features. Some of her discoveries have been featured in different sites all over the internet. Indeed, this has led people to believe in what Wong says. 

But, despite having been right in past ocassions, no one can really predict whether this Instagram DMs for web feature will actually become a reality. 

Instagram’s Response

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many Instagram users are now excited about the new possible update. After all, there are tons of people who for some reason like using the web version of Instagram more than the mobile one. 

Unfortunately, an Instagram spokesperson came out to say the “feature” is not being publicly tested. So, if this were to be true, then the rumour of Instagram direct becoming available for the web version would simply stay as that, a mere rumour.

But then again, let’s remember that Instagram doesn’t really let anybody know about their new features. At least, not until they are close to launching them. So, perhaps it is true that a direct messages option will be available for the web version of the social media platform.

Instagram direct for web


Apparently, Instagram direct will not only work on computers but also on the web version of mobile phones. In other words, if you were to access Instagram from a browser on your phone, the direct messages feature would still work. 

Still, we are yet to hear more about this new possible update. So far it just remains as a simple rumour that the photo-sharing app will have to either confirm or deny. Let’s just hope it’s the first one.


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