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Instagram Gifs In DMs

Instagram is always looking for new ways to surprise its users. This time, the photo-sharing app has once again come up with a new update. However, for once the credit does not only go to Instagram.

In fact, this time we need to thank Giphy. A social platform from where millions of users can create and download gifs. That’s right, thanks to this platform we are now able to send gifs to our friends using direct messages.

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The Update

The update was released less than a week ago. However, people are already using it as if it was released longer than that. Mostly, because the whole concept of this update is actually pretty easy to use.

In short, there are only a few steps to follow in order to send gifs using Instagram DMs. Nevertheless, that is a topic we will talk about shortly.

Instagram gifs on dms

The Gifs

Finally, let’s talk about the gifs. As we mentioned earlier, Instagram partnered with Giphy to make this new feature come true. However, unlike what some of you might be thinking, the update does not allow users to create their own gifs.

In fact, all you can do at the moment is simply select the gifs you want to send. Nevertheless, given that the new feature has only been available for a short period of time, it is possible that things could change in the future.

However, we cannot confirm nor deny something like this will indeed happen in the future.

Non transparent gifs on Instagram

How To Send Gifs Using DMs

Instagram always makes it easy for us to use their new features. Of course, this time was not going to be the exception. In fact, there are only two steps you need to follow to master the usage of this feature.

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1. Enter Your Direct Messages

The first step is fairly simple. First of all, open up the photo-sharing app and enter your direct messages box. Most of you probably already know how to do this. However, if you need some guidance, here’s what you need to do.

. Open Up Instagram

. Tap The Paper Plane Icon On The Top Right Of Your Screen

Instagram dms icon

2. Select The Person You Want To Talk To

Second of all, select the person you want to chat with and tap where it says message. Finally, simply tap into the text bar and you will find a bunch of options. Among those options, there will be an icon with the words gif.

Tap on it and simply look for a keyword to find the gif you want to send.

Instagram direct messages gifs


In order to use this new feature, you need to update the app. In some cases, the photo-sharing app will look as if it was already updated. If that were to be the case, you don’t really need to do anything else.

In fact, it is possible that the app updated itself, as it probably was configured on the apps market.



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