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Urging to know how to launch and manage upcoming events? Say no more. We’re here to rescue from that nightmare called “events promotion.” Particularly, for Instagram purposes because it’s possibly the platform you want to work with. Why? It’s the most visual, active and accessible now. Besides, we can schedule ads and stuff from Facebook, and we feel secure doing everything for our Instagram community. Although, not everything is ads’ responsibility. On the contrary, there’s a lot of human touch on events promotion. So, we selected a few but juicy tips!

1. Short Videos

As we said in constant times, storytelling is the key to success in Social Media. You know what they say about “an image worths more than a thousand words.” Therefore, a video should worth a million, right?. Although, we may be afraid about visuals. But, we have to leave that fear behind us because videos are the best way to promote an event. Meaning, there’s a lot of ways to start a campaign thanks to short videos. For instance, a short promo video, influencers short video, a short video about a live launch event, and so on.

Possibilities are infinite! So, don’t you dare to not consider short videos as a solution to your problems. Even though, you have to keep in mind a few things. Remember the place where you’re. Work based on your audience. Thus, you can’t make big videos in a zone with a small internet connection. Sometimes, you don’t even need sound, and perhaps, you only need quotes moving. Who knows, a video production could take you further than you think.

2. Holding Contests

Events promotion are not static. Therefore, it needs to make people move and do things to get the chance to go to the event. Furthermore, we need people spread the message, and new characters join the community. Nevertheless, this is something that many managers forget. Instead, they spend thousands of dollars on static promotions. Posters go and come, but people want to take part.

Let’s think about music festivals. They know about events promotion on Instagram because they know people should always be in motion. Thence, they prepare contests where the fans should write about how they feel on that particular festival, plus mentioning friends. As a result, they take part to get free tickets. We get free quotes we can use and new followers. Besides, the closer the festival is, the harder contests get.

Events Promotion

3. Create Branding Hashtags

Segmentation should be your new religion. Also, it should be the path to plan events promotion on Instagram. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the middle of something you can’t handle. In some point, you need to be able to describe the different types of users participating in your activities. Mainly, you need to know who’s interested in your events. To do so, you need the major key for segmentation on Instagram.

If you heard about types of hashtags before, then you know about Branding Hashtags. In case you didn’t, then we can tell you in a few words. These are a combination of magnet terms such as “love”, your brand’s name/statement and a whole call-to-action sense. As a result, we get something like #ILove(brand’s name), for instance. You should aim to create one for your event in particular.

4. User Generated Content

One thing we almost always miss is User Generated Content. It’s always there, but we never see it. Also, happens it’s not there, but people are waiting for you to ask. So, we need to be clear on one thing. Your audience is more than followers. They’re a community willing to make things for you and themselves. Hence, they want to have fun and get free stuff and recognition.

Next time, we need to focus on creating call-to-action content, but also call-to-reaction. We have to keep an eye on the content that people produce for our contests, events, promotions, and movements. In consequence, we’re going to enlarge our images and videos bank, give recognition and use the valuable content. When it comes to User Generated Content, there’s a new world of possibilities, and it always works fine.

Events Promotion

5. Data Study

After segmentation planning, User Generated Content, and other things going on, it’s time for another elemental thing. Without data, you might be wasting time, money and content. There’s many platforms for helping you on data evaluation for events campaigns. Although, you can manage with the essentials. Firstly, you need to figure out what information you might need for future events promotion. Also, you need to keep an eye on the data that shows you what you’re doing wrong.

Things like sex, age, location, time, are basics. But, you should also know, what time of contests people appreciate, how many people take part in each. Is it better to launch videos than several images? And so on. With a database, things are going to be easier in the future because you already have a record.

6. Stories Planing

When the event is closer, most of us would like to leave the rest to the spontaneous God. Sadly, we might think everything’s done, and we only need to see how things happen from now on. Wrong! We still need events promotion skills and planning to get through the big moment. Thus, one thing we need to prepare before the event, it’s Instagram Stories. Without a proper storyboard and guidelines, we’ll be wasting our best resource.

The only way of watching our content in real-time is through Instagram Stories and Live transmissions. Therefore, we need to do it just right! From Instagram Stories, people will decide either to go to our feed/page or not. And of course, we want them to keep on watching all our produced content later. So, we have no remedy than making things perfect.

7. The Best for the Feed

After the event ends, we can chill out, right? WRONG! This is the time when we can not relax. Instead, we need to focus on getting the best from our event and publish it on our feed. We don’t want our followers to forget about us. So, we produce more engaging content than ever. Therefore, they can share with their contacts. We want them to keep checking our profiles to see what’s next. We want them to keep talking about our great event and ask for more. Ultimately, we want to keep them urging for our posting.

Events Promotion

Now, you know the basics and the secrets of perfect events promotion on Instagram. No chance for mistakes, and if so, you know how to learn from them. Event promotions are, essentially, experiences production. We aim to pursuit constant motion on our followers. Keeping them wanting for more.


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