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Once you’re start looking for Social Media inspiration, you need to focus on the right persons. That’s why we need to show you some perfect examples of what’s cool and “in” on Instagram because you need to figure out a lot of elements that doesn’t seem so obvious at first sight.

You might think: “Why do I need to see famous models on Instagram?”, “Why is it worth of my strategy time?”. The answer is simple: They’re part of the selected group that rules Social Media standards and trends! It’s time for you to start looking behind and identify what’s worth for you even when it seems it doesn’t make any sense.

These famous models not only have millions of followers but they’re also Influencers, Brand Ambassadors, masters in storytelling and content, the genius of collaborative economy and more. Furthermore, Social Media platforms are always looking after what they’re doing because next moves are planned based on what famous people might need.

You might find some familiar faces down below, and that’s another cool thing about these girls. They set up a new mark in the model’s history. Now models need to have an excellent and distinguished personality, remarkable for Social Media profiles. Nowadays girls aspiring for a fashion model career, need more than a cute face, they need to have hidden talents, be friendly, smart and funny. Far are the days of cold models that looked like from another planet. People need to see authenticity and value.

Now, sit tight, get a notebook and a pencil, and take notes on these models we selected especially for you!

1. Gigi Hadid

Recently, Gigi won the prize of Model of The Year, and of course, she won. This girl hasn’t stopped in the entire year and led the most famous catwalks in every single fashion week. Besides, she’s one of the best paid for Instagram ads, thanks to her high level of audience engagement and naturality to present the best products in the market.

Gigi Hadid
(via @gigihadid)

2. Joan Smalls

The World fell in love with this Puerto-Rican goddess when she first appeared on Beyoncé’s video “Yoncé” with a golden grill and licking Beyoncé’s skin. Then she walked for Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and since those events, we can’t stop watch her on her Spanglish Instagram account, bringing the best of Caribbean culture, the naturality and her adventures with other famous models around the world.

Joan Smalls
(via @joansmalls

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Yes, she’s the one from Transformers, and yes, she’s Jason Statham’s wife. This incredible British blonde has taught one lesson or two on her Instagram account. We could see her passing through her model career, to actress moments and now as a regular business woman. Also, she’s a master of visual branding, not losing her style for pictures published on her profile and keeping the natural/ romantic style in every single post.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
(via @rosiehw)

4. Adriana Lima

This Brazilian babe continues the legacy of the one and only, Gisele Bündchen, as the formal leader of Victoria’s Secret angels. Among all the things we could learn from Adriana, the top thing she teaches is how to be a perfect Brand Ambassador. She knows how to promote a brand without being boring or annoying. From standard cell phone pictures, to incredible professional visual products. The sexy sense of humor is her forte, and she knows how to use it.

Adriana Lima
(via @adrianalima)

5. Cara Delevingne

Rebel from the bones and reckless with no remedy. Cara conquered the world during the Tumblr fever and became on one of the must famous models of the world, posing and walking for the best brands in the industry. But, what made her famous was her strong personality and authenticity, breaking every rule and shocking the world with every single thing she posted on her Instagram, just like this picture shows.

Cara Delevingne
(via @caradelevigne)

6. Winnie Harlow

Instagram is the place for diversity, and we thank God for it. One of the best examples is Winnie, a Canadian model who embraced vitiligo condition with no fear and rocked the fashion industry with her bold personality. The story if this girl is inspiring. She suffered a lot of Bullying attacks on the school, and now she made herself a perfect example of winning the war against fear. So, if you look for some quality inspiration, she’s the one.

Winnie Harlow
(via @winnieharlow)

7. Karlie Kloss

If we could pick a favorite, that would be Karlie Kloss. Where can we start? Her Instagram account is like a manual of “How to do things perfectly.” She’s a smart girl, very fond of development and she supports that career for young women, especially. She’s also a great Brand Ambassador of many brands and a great promoter of making this world the best place to live. Therefore, she proves she’s not only a beautiful face but a smart brain with real feelings and intentions. Plus, she’s a master on Branding Hashtags, for example, #KodeWithKlossy.

Karlie Kloss
(via @karliekloss)

8. Bella Hadid

The youngest of the Hadid clan is the perfect example for watching an account grow slow but safely. In case you didn’t know, Bella iS Gigi Hadid’s younger sister and The Weeknd’s girlfriend, and she was only 1M followers at the beginning of the year. But, 2016 has been a rush of Bella’s career, and we testified every single moment through her Instagram account as well as her rise on followers.

Bella Hadid
(via @bellahadid)

9. Kendall Jenner

Of course, we couldn’t finish the post without mentioning the most shining star of them all on Instagram. The little one we saw grow up on Keeping Up With The Kardashian, the one and only, Kendall Jenner. She was born to be famous, but she keeps her personal style on Social Media, especially on Instagram. Now, she’s over 70M followers, and she’s a master of Influencers.

Kendall Jenner
(via @kendalljenner)


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