Instagram Features March(2)

Instagram’s people don’t take a rest and instead, keep updating advanced features for the platform. Of course, we want to keep you post, and we searched for the two new chapters in the Instagram’s book. First, you need to know there’s nothing to worry about unless you’re a porn star or like to post sexy pictures on your feed. If it’s not your case, then, what you’re about to see won’t be a big difference to your strategy or planning.

One of the following features is related to something you’ve been waiting for since the day Live Stories was launched, and it’s something that many people thought wouldn’t come so early, but luckily it did. Another one is less expected because it’s a kind of censure measure to avoid some +18 content. Perhaps it was considered after the user increase Instagram had in the last few months, which is considerably due to a less than 18 years old younger generation.

In any case, it’s always good to know all apps’ new features to be one step beyond and see how it can affect us or not, and hence we brief all the details so you can take note and talk about it in the next team meeting.

1. Instagram now lets you save Live Stories

Yes, now you can take a breath in. Last year when Instagram launched the Live Video streaming, we were so excited that could almost forget that we couldn’t save any of our transmissions, which was so bad because it was impossible to remind our users about the broadcasting or show it to those who missed it.

Now the rules have changed. This week, the company has added the feature for saving the broadcast once is concluded. Therefore, you can watch all over again and think about how to improve it, or maybe you can share it with some other friends that don’t use the platform. Sounds cool, right? Besides, the update is now available for both Android and iOS, so is just a matter of time for you to get it.

If you’re a lucky one and already have it on your phone. Here is how to use it:

  • Once the broadcast is done, see the top corner of the screen, and you’ll find a new “save” icon.
  • Click on the icon and press “done.”
  • The video will be saved in your gallery.
  • Remember that no matter if your video is stored now, it will disappear from the Live Feed anyway.

Instagram Features

2. New security measures

Although you won’t believe it, not everyone has a high range of tolerance on Social Media. But what you definitely will consider is that there are more delicate images each day on Instagram, and this is bothering some audiences out there. Not just sexy content with naked bodies and hot people but also content that can be considered as unpleasant in any way.

Thus, that sort of content will be blurry, so the only way of seeing it is by clicking on “see photo” option, enabling the original post. Also, the users are the ones with the power to announce to the app which content is to be considered as inappropriate¬†or are sensitive enough.¬†Something to keep an eye on!

Also, Instagram is trying to protect its users better, and they’re going to merge other features, like an extra security code sent through SMS along with the regular username and password. We’ve seen these measure on other platforms to avoid hacker attacks.

Instagram censored

Now that you know what to expect, check out the features and stay in touch with us to know further news from the app!



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