Instagram food photos

Is there a reason why Instagram food photos are so popular?

Instagram is by far the best option when it comes to sharing photos online. Since it was released in 2010, people have not stopped uploading new content every day. Now, Instagram food photos have always been popular. But why?

Well, today we will find out.

instagram food photos

The reason according to a study

Understanding why people like food photos on Instagram so much has been a mystery for a long time. However, about two years ago an expert in the field of communication and psychiatry, professor John Jemmott conducted a study to help reveal the reason why people are so obsessed with these kind of photos.

In order to make this study successful, 401 participants were recruited. They all had to go through manufactured news feeds where there were 15 food photos and 20 non-food photos.

The idea was to get the participants to interact by liking and commenting on the photos that they thought were most appealing. Of course, this would later reveal the reason why photos of food are so popular.

As expected, food photos ended up winning the contest. People seem to like them more than non-food photos. But why is this?

Well, according to the participants, it all came down to the colours and how good they looked. The study revealed that photos of food are popular because of their aesthetic appeal and the variety of colours.

instagram food photo psychology

Why do people feel the need to share food photos?

As much as we would all like to say we don’t care about what other people think about us, the truth is, sometimes we do. Now, why are we mentioning this?

Well, because it turns out that our self-image is basically the main reason why we share food photos (healthy food photos to be more specific).

According to the same study we talked about before, people like and share healthy food photos in order to maintain a positive self-image.

These types of images help others see us the way we want. Finally, by liking food photos we express our values, identities, and in some cases, our desired selves.

instagram food photos

Why do people post food photos on Instagram?

Now, we have already uncovered why people like and share food photos. But, we still need to analyze why people take photos of their food before actually starting to eat.

Believe it or not, the reason behind this action can be explained by psychology. According to a study conducted by the San Diego University, food tastes better when you take a photo of it before eating it.

In this study, they recruited a group of 120 participants. They were all given a piece of red velvet cake and only half of them were asked to take photos of it before starting to eat.

In the end, all participants were asked to describe how good the red velvet cake was.

Those who took a photo of it before eating it reported having a better taste of the cake than those who did not take a photo of it before starting to eat.

instagram study

Final Thoughts

Food is simply amazing. Taking photos of your food before you start eating does not harm others. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

If you feel comfortable sharing what you eat, then go ahead, get stuck in! After all, doing so might just make your food taste better.



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