Instagram tool for students

Instagram For College Students – What You Need To Know

We all know Instagram has been growing at a really fast pace. Therefore, it is more than understandable that people of different ages use the platform. However, we also know that young people play an important role in the photo-sharing app.

Because of it, Instagram is now testing a new tool that would make it easier for college students to connect with each other. Today we will tell you all about it.

Instagram for college students

The Tool

First of all, let’s talk about the tool. Instagram announced three weeks ago that they were testing a new tool that allows students to join a virtual community where they can interact with other students. They can do this on Instagram Direct.

Of course, it goes without saying that each person is free to either accept or decline the messages. In fact, it is said that it will also be possible to simply block users you don’t want to talk to. The soon to be launched tool was announced 4 days after Tinder let the world know about Tinder U.

Tinder U is an iOs feature that allows students to limit their search to classmates or nearby campuses. Nevertheless, we don’t expect Instagram to copy Tinder at all. Instead, we are convinced the photo-sharing app will come up with something fresh to amaze us.

Instagram will launch a tools similar to Tinder U

How Will It Work?

The soon to be launched tool is still in its trial phase. Therefore, there is not much we know about how exactly it will work. However, we do know that Instagram will connect students with their peers through photos, locations, and posts, for example.

In addition, students will also be able to share the name of their university and the year of their graduation. These factors will help Instagram to connect students more accurately.

Finally, it’s important to mention that this new tool is still in testing mode. Therefore, there is no confirmation on when it will be released or in what countries it will be available. In short, all that’s left to do is simply wait.

Instagram college students feature

Final Thoughts

Even though it seems that this tool will be very similar to Tinder U, we are convinced students will also be able to give it a different use. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if rather than creating relationships, this tool were to create study buddies too.

After all, it depends on how you want to take advantage of it.


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