Barack Obama

We first met him as a Senator. Fast forward we saw him running for 2008 elections with a very remarkable speech, calling for kind thoughts. Besides, he was the first black man postulating for the White House, and many of us thought it was almost something impossible to achieve. But we watched him and his family not only take charge of the presidency but continuing the job for the next eight years.

Perhaps he has been the most graceful president US has had after JFK, inspiring young people to involve into politics and approaching to the pop culture, making friends and real talk with the most influential celebrities in the world, who supported him since the beginning, and no doubt they’re grieving on his farewell.

We fall in love with the “cool Obama,” the lovely Michelle, the fresh Sasha on Coachella and of course, ┬áthe grandpa of the family; the VP Joe Baden touched our hearts. We may not agree with all his decisions, but indeed, we fell in love with all that had to do with him and his natural way to move around our lives during these years. That’s why we selected some of the farewell posts that ran Instagram after his last speech.

In honor of his swag

We barely can imagine Obama as a hard-to-reach person. To all of us, he was the most approachable, funny, charismatic president we’ve ever seen. We saw him dancing all different kinds of music, joke a few times in TV shows, and even rap. No question why one of the first memes out there after his farewell was this, showing how cool he must be after his presidency. Chill out and wearing a bear coat!

Barack Obama

I love you, MO

Michelle Obama is subject from another article, but she keeps melting our hearts with her posts. Every time she declares her love for Barack, makes the rest of us girls, look awful with our guys. And of course, she would do it better, in the end, posting this adorable picture of her family in their early days at the presidency.

Barack and Michelle Obama

We love Barry!

By now, you’ve probably watched “Barry,” the Netflix film about the starting years in President Obama’s life, where we saw his must human and fresh side ever. If you did, you might recognize this photograph of his college days discovering his place in this earth and waking up his sensibility for the minority. He will be Barry forever!

Barack Obama

Goodbye… for now

We saw him grow up and we don’t want to let him go. Paper magazine posted the most representative emojis for his farewell: a crying face and a broken heart. No other president (besides JFK) woke up so many tears on a farewell like this, and this magazine posted a recent picture where we see an old and wiser Obama pointing to the future, as he always does.

Barack Obama

The greatest hug

Time magazine is well known for the power of his visual material, and this case wasn’t the exception. They captured the beautiful moment when Michelle gave a big hug to her husband and shows all the emotions on her face. This picture shows one of the greatest signs of support, understanding, and love we’ve ever watched from people at such a power level.

Barack Obama

Pop culture is with him

Social Media blessed Obama since the time he was running for the presidency. Also, almost every artist and celebrity on this earth blessed him. On this picture, we’ve got a good example, the iconic fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, posted this young a pop picture of him where he shows himself as a mere boy, also with the American dream on his chest!

Barack Obama

The White House says goodbye to Obama

The Obama family made a lot of great things, but one of the coolest is that they gave the White House its personality. We could see many different insights from the building and everything that happens there. Watching all that happened at the White House was one big step for politics, because everyone in the world was able to be in touch with the most unpenetrable building. From now on, it’s no weird to make a picture of how it looks like and how its spirit is.

Barack Obama

Which was your favorite post? We bet that it wasn’t just one. So share your thoughts with us!


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