Instagram hashtag strategy

There are many ways in which a person can grow their Instagram account. Some of them easier than others. However, there is one strategy that almost never fails. Care to guess? Hashtags! Instagram hashtags are the perfect tool for users to find content related to their likes. So, let’s say you are into tacos and enchiladas. Then, you just need to type #Mexicanfood.

Indeed, hashtags have made it easier for influencers and brands alike to target their content to a wide audience in the whole world. But, here’s where comes the BIG but. You need to know how to use them properly if you want to actually reach your target audience. 

In this particular case, we are going to dive into whether or not you should use the same hashtags in all your posts. So, let’s get started.

Using the same Instagram hashtags

Using the same Instagram Hashtags – Right or Wrong?

Now, in order to explain to you more about how hashtags work, I need to give you a little bit of context of how my experience with the tool itself led me to write this article. You see, I recently created a Youtube channel with my business partner and we decided to complement our strategy with an Instagram page as well. 

Fortunately, we knew what we wanted. So, it was easier to come up with ideas for our Instagram page. In a nutshell, we decided that it would be wise to upload daily inspirational quotes to draw people to our site. Of course, just like lots of people getting started with brands on Instagram, we figured:

Hey, why don’t we look for the best hashtags related to quotes online? 

And so we did. But, we noticed there was something odd after the first few days of posting. You see, when we first used the hashtags on our posts we noticed people started to like the content. However, as we continued using the same hashtags every single day. Well, it’s fair to say that our interaction didn’t rise up. As a matter of fact, it decreased. 

Getting Answers

So, that got us wondering. Are we doing something wrong? We entered Quora and asked about the problem. Turns out, using the same hashtags on all our posts was actually hurting our strategy to grow. Let me explain, when you see a hashtag with a lot of followers, you automatically think that if you choose it, a lot of people will see your content. 

Unfortunately, that is not necessarily true. The fact of the matter is that while more people follow a specific hashtag, the more difficult it is for your content to get found if you use such a hashtag. We had to learn that by experiencing it ourselves.

Using the same Instagram Hashtags

Risk Of Getting Banned

Moreover, we then realized that using the same hashtags for every single one of your posts can get you banned. In fact, we discovered that Instagram might actually ban you for “spamming people”. Not that we were doing that. But, using the same hashtags on three daily posts could indeed be seen as spam by our all-mighty Instagram.

Fortunately, we learned this on time. So, we were able to mix things up and started to use different hashtags for our daily posts. Long story short, you shouldn’t use the same hashtags in all your posts. Not just because it can get you banned. But, also because it actually hurts your strategy. 

How to prevent getting banned on Instagram


A word of advice to you all. When using hashtags on Instagram. Don’t always choose those that are the most popular. For instance, if you see a particular hashtag with millions of followers, leave that for the end.

Instead, choose hashtags that are not followed my too many people. We are aware of how crazy this sounds. But, the truth if you use a certain hashtag that is not followed by a lot of people, the more you are to get discovered.


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