Instagram Horizontal Scrolling Feature
The horizontal scrolling feature did not go down well on Instagram

For many years, Instagram has been nothing but a source of joy for many people worldwide. People enjoy spending their time seeing new posts from their favourite idols. In general, Instagram is a friendly app that’s easy to use, with an interface that we all love. Or at least, that was until the Instagram horizontal scrolling feature was released.

You see, for almost 9 years now, there has only been one way to move through posts on Instagram (vertically). However, less than a month ago Instagram tried a new feature in which users could see posts in a different way (horizontally).

Unfortunately, the photo-sharing app had to learn the hard way – this new feature was a disaster. As a matter of fact, people absolutely hated it. 

Instagram horizontal scrolling feature

People’s Thoughts

Evidently, this annoyed quite a lot of users. After all, we got accustomed to scrolling vertically in our feed to see the posts of those who we follow. The situation escalated to a point in which literally thousands of users started threatening to delete their Instagram accounts. 

Most of them expressed their disagreement with the update through their Twitter accounts. And of course, more than a few hundred memes were created.

Instagram Apologises

Instagram then went on to apologise on their Twitter account for generating confusion among their users. However, they said this was all caused by a bug. 

In other words, they didn’t admit to releasing the update on purpose. Still, a previous tweet where they wrote “Introducing a new way to move through posts” would reveal that it was intentional.

Instagram scrolling feature disaster

In the end, Instagram listened to their users and decided to go back to normal. 


Apparently, this update only annoyed iOS users. But why? Well, as happens most of the time, Instagram releases new updates on iOS before Android. 

So, considering they went back to normal after only a few days, Android users did not have to go through the pain of scrolling through their feed in a horizontal way. 

Instagram "accidental" scrolling feature

Final Thoughts

We don’t blame Instagram for wanting to try something new. Still, we are glad they decided to go back to the classic vertical scrolling. After all, they had to listen to their user’s endless complaints about it!


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