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If you’re either an Instagram user or a Social Media Specialist, we have some good news. As you know, Instagram keeps moving since they’re entitled to more than 700M user recently. No wonder why the improvements are unstoppable. Eventually, the war between the app and Snapchat would become more intense. And that time is here. So, take note of what’s new and how you can make use of these visual improvements and Live replay feature.

1. More customized stickers
What’s the point of being a Social Media platform if you don’t join what society celebrates? For those who think that Social Media only works in the virtual world, you’re wrong. Sadly, that’s a misconception. Anyway, we’re here to lead you on the proper path. Therefore, we want to tell you that Social Media platforms must be part of what’s happening in the real world.

Facebook and therefore Instagram know how to support social movements. Thus, you see every time that a terror attack or natural disaster happens, the platforms are ready. Nevertheless, they don’t respond only to severe events. Instead, they know they have to celebrate too. In fact, they make everyone joins the celebrations. As a result, this month, we could see the “pride stickers.”. If you didn’t know, this is Pride Month for the LGBTI community. Now you can use them every time you post a story, either for support or fun.

Live Replay

2. Better geolocation

We love every Instagram Stories’ new feature. Since everybody is using it, we want it to be better every day. Now it’s easier that our audience sees our story first than our feed post. Thence, it’s essential that we have all the tools to improve its use. Otherwise, we couldn’t take advantage of the full potential that it has. Luckily, Instagram listens to our prayers and solve our problems fast.

In case you didn’t know, a steady trend in Social Media is segmentation, and hence, hypersegmentation. Therefore, Instagram added a great feature recently. Yes, we’re talking about hashtags stickers. So, you don’t longer have to worry about a useless hashtag in your story. Otherwise, now you can go further on your segmentation strategy. Now, your audience can go to the search page for that hashtag. Ultimately, the best part remains in the cool design for the tag. Try it, and tell us how you use it!


3. Masks for fun

Needless to say, we were more than happy about the stickers collection. Moreover, Instagram added excellent face filters for us to have a good time. The battle between Snapchat and Instagram is not a secret for anyone. Quite the opposite, we all know, and the rest is history. Every Instagram user was waiting for this feature, which is the last one that made the Instagram inferior. But those days are gone, and now we can use masks for fun!

Live Replay

Live video replay
Always a step forward, Instagram rewarded all its users with a feature that they didn’t even know they wanted. Previously, they launched the feature for saving live videos, and people loved it. Now, you’re also able to share it on your stories feed. For now on, people can see the transmission for 24 hours. Besides, you can save more than one streaming.

Live Replay

Are you happy with this news? Yes, we know you are! Share it with your friends and comment what you think of it!


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