Instagram Influence In Concerts

Instagram Influence In Concerts

Instagram is one of the fastest growing apps at the moment. In fact, just last year, the social media platform reached its first billion monthly active users. But, what does this mean? In short, it means the social media platform has more influence in our lives.

In fact, because of the number of people using the platform, Instagram has power over pretty much everything. Today we are going to talk about Instagram influence in concerts and live music.

Instagram is making the music industry grow

Are Concerts Getting Better Because Of Instagram?

We all know an important part of a musician’s career is the concerts. Concerts are a way for artists to connect with their fans and transmit energy. Of course, many people don’t often realise this, but concerts are actually a great way to reach more people in the world.

In fact, “A show no longer starts when the curtain rises.”  “The show starts the moment the first person takes a picture of it.” But, what does this mean? Well, it means nowadays everything goes through social media.

Therefore, concerts are way different to how they were in the past. Artists nowadays worry about making their presentations as appealing as they can be. Of course, there is a reason behind this. Reaching more people.

That’s right – because of Instagram, live music is now entering the lives of millions if not billions of people all over the world. Everyone posts photos and videos of what they do on Instagram. Of course, concerts are not an exception.

So, because of this, musicians and festival organisers worry about the quality of their shows. In short, they know people at home will see how their shows are. Consequently, they will want to buy a ticket to join in on the fun.

Instagram is influencing concerts

Final Thoughts

It really doesn’t seem like it, but Instagram has huge power over the music industry. In fact, I can speak from my own experience. Some years ago, I got to see what Steve Aoki’s shows were like, thanks to Instagram. Of course, I was already a fan. But, seeing so much energy on a social media platform motivated me to buy a ticket and go to his show.

So, think about it. Just like me, there are millions of people who let themselves be influenced by what they see on Instagram. Because of that, artists put all their effort into making their shows as amazing as possible. The end result is getting to more people, and of course making some extra millions for their pockets.


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