Martina Saravia

Something you have to know is that 90 percent of all posts on Instagram are edited. The fact of the matter is that influencers often use photo editing software to enhance their photos. Although, sometimes all they need is an app. In short, most of the things we see on Instagram are not really natural. But, for some reason a lot of people don’t seem to understand that. 

As a matter of fact, they go as far as to criticise influencers for being “fake.” For example, only a couple of weeks ago an Argentinian influencer Martina Saravia began to be bullied because of something really stupid. You see, a social media commentator Matt Navarra tweeted about the influencer claiming that she had the same clouds in every one of her photos. 

This led people to share the news, and in less than what you can think, everyone began talking about it. Unfortunately, the influencer was not happy to learn that most of the new comments she received on her posts were actually from trolls criticising her for being “fake.”

The Truth About The Posts

The harsh comments drove the influencer to create a story highlight named “Clouds.” In it, she explained how she had always been openly clear about using apps that would help the composition of her photos. Moreover, she gave the name of the app she was using to add the clouds to her posts. And let the people talk. 

Now, here’s the thing. After the influencer became popular because of this story, the app she had been using to add clouds to her posts sent her a DM. To put it briefly, they sent her some promo codes so that she could run a giveaway for her followers. Since then, people have actually stopped bothering her. That’s just awesome, don’t you think?

Instagram Influencer Cloud Posts

People’s Supportive Thoughts

Finally, people began supporting the influencer claiming that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Indeed, the Argentinian personality was trending in the social media community. However, this time, there was no reason for people to be mad at all. In fact, lots of Instagram users started to support the woman by creating fun memes using the app. 

In the end, the influencer shared some of the posts her followers created and explained people in the social media industry try to brighten up their poss all the time. So, not a big deal really. 

Instagram clouds


The whole “controversy” ended up being good for the Instagram influencer. As a matter of fact, she gained thousands of followers thanks to the virality of her story. And honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if she starts to get sponsors. Currently, the influencer has 313k followers and she continues to upload travel content every week. 


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