Instagram Join Chat feature

Instagram may once again be working on something new for us. According to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, the photo-sharing app is currently developing a “Join Chat Sticker” for Stories. However, there is no word about whether or not this could actually be real. In fact, Instagram is yet to provide any statements regarding this news. 

But, what if this new sticker was actually going to be released? What could that mean for us? Well, as you know, Instagram has been putting a lot of effort into making its users engage more.

That means, Stories, direct messages among other things. So, having a join chat sticker as a new feature would get users to interact even more. 

Instagram new stickers

Regular Users And Influencers

So, how could this sticker work for us “mere mortals”?  Well, it hasn’t even been launched and we already know of multiple uses people can give it. For example, influencers who plan to throw a party could use the sticker to have their followers discuss the details of it. 

The clothes, the time, the location, etc. In other words, the join chat sticker would help influencers communicate better with their audience. It would help them know their followers’ preferences, opinions, and more. 

Instagram join chat sticker for influencers


In order to succeed in business, you need to know what makes your clients happy. Therefore, the join chat sticker would help brands discuss something specific with their customers in a more direct way. Moreover, it would also help to build a stronger community connection. 

But, that’s not all. In fact, let’s picture something. Imagine that you have a clothing business. You just launched a new collection and you want to know what your followers think. 

With the join chat sticker, you could just set the topic and wait for your customers to provide feedback.

Instagram join chat feature for brands

Instagram Join Chat Sticker – How Would It Work?

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchung Wong took the liberty to show how the sticker would work. As you can see in the image below, you would be able to access it as you access any of the other Instagram stickers in Stories. 

Then, you would simply have to put it on your screen and write a topic as to what the chat will be about. Finally, Instagram will show you a message reading the following: “People who view your story can request to join this group chat” Then it’s only up to you to choose who can or can’t join the chat.

Join Chat Sticker

Final Thoughts

Instagram is very secretive about their work. So, we cannot expect them to actually confirm that they will release the join chat sticker any time soon. However, we do certainly hope this so-called new possible feature actually becomes real.

Evidently, having this sticker for Instagram Stories would help increase the engagement among users and brands. In a few words, it would be a smart move to continue developing it. For now, all we have to do is wait. 



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