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During the last days, we’ve been thinking about where is Instagram going since our parents are coming to the app. Indeed, it’s scary to think it might turn like Facebook. But, it’s early to rush to conclusions. Nevertheless, we’ve got another thing to care about right now. Therefore, we introduce you to the ‘Last Seen’ function, which allows you to see when was the last time a friend was active in the app.

What about that ‘Last Seen’?

Basically, now, your contacts will know when was the last time you used the app. Similarly, Facebook and WhatsApp use the same feature for private message. However, on Instagram, it’s only available for those users you follow, and who you have a conversation with on the direct message section.

The time for ‘Last Seen’ will show up in the direct message section, right under the name of the person. And, for those who are worried about groups, yes, you can also see it there too. Nevertheless, the function is still on the road. So, don’t feel so lucky if you can’t see it now because it will be able for all the users in the next days.

last seen

How can I disable it?

We know, the function is about the controversy, and disable it will not be out of it either. Thence, we want you to know that you might have to give some explanation to some people. Anyway, here it is how you can disable the function:

1. Go to your profile
2. Go to settings
3. Scroll until you find the option and swipe to disable so that the button will be grey

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to see the ‘last seen activity of your friends. So, think it twice if this is what you really want to do.

last seen


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