No more Instagram on Huawei

It has been almost two months since the United State’s President, Donald Trump decided to ban Huawei from their country. Unfortunately, this led multiple American businesses to stop making deals with Huawei for good. For instance, Google and Microsoft will no longer have anything to do with the Chinese company. But, there’s more. Instagram has left Huawei as well.

And so have Facebook and Whatsapp. You see, every Huawei phone in the market comes with all three apps already pre-installed. But, recent news indicate that this won’t be happening with Huawei’s new upcoming devices. So, what does this mean for us? No more Instagram for Huawei users?

Fortunately, things are not that bad. Indeed, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp will no longer be pre-installed in new Huawei phones. However, we will still be able to download them from the mobile marketplace. 

Instagram Leaves Huawei

The Downside

There’s one downside though. Google has cut ties with Huawei. So, all new phones the Chinese company release will no longer have access to the Play Store. At the moment, there are only rumours as to what Huawei is doing to solve this problem.

Apparently, the Chinese company is considering making a deal with Aptoide. And this goes without saying, but partnering up with the alternative marketplace would solve the problem once and for all.

On the other hand, if the deal were not to take place, users would most certainly start looking for other brands to buy. Just imagine it, a phone with no access to a market from where you can download the most used app in the world. But, who knows? Maybe Huawei will surprise us and develop its own marketplace. 

The bottom line is that regardless of what happens, we will still be able to use Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp on Huawei devices. Still, they will no longer be pre-installed on the phones. So, we will have to do that part manually. 

Huawei new marketplace


There’s no need to worry about the Huawei phones that are already in the market. As a matter of fact, some high-end devices such as the P30 or the Mate 10 pro will still have all of the apps pre-installed. 

Moreover, they will continue to receive new updates. That is of course if nothing else happens within the next few weeks. For now, President Trump has paused the ban for 30 days. So, everything will continue to work normally. 


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