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Sometimes, it’s hard for us to find out which brands are doing better on Instagram. But, we tell you this, there’s no a specific “great” because it all depends on what you want and works better for your company. Although, we can say that some brands might give you hand no matter how your business is. We’re talking about fashion brands and their way of nailing every visual trend and performing like a pro in new optical formats that might serve you as an example. Please, enjoy and learn with us.

1. Learn how to bring color to your season strategy like a pro

Most of us might get bored when it comes to Instagram’s background. Sometimes, we want it to be customizable. But, the truth is that it’s not, and we need to figure out how to handle our creativity urgency. Well, you no longer have to wonder because we present you a perfect example of a genius account, which manages things like this correctly.

Whether it’s a new season or an exclusive launch, Miu Miu knows how to make its audience keep wondering what colors are on top next. They know exactly how to manage backgrounds according to the mood, the models, and the products.

2. No one does a value purpose campaign like Dior, and this is the proof.

We can count the many campaigns Dior launched this year. And yet, it’s so hard to pick just one of them to show you the perfect example. Although, we made our choice, and we think it will work for you. What would you do for love? It seems like a simple question, and indeed, like something not related to fashion. But, think it twice.

Sometimes, simple questions are the hardest to answer but the easiest to engage with people. We all know you sell clothing, but we don’t know what you believe in. So, why not to show the world that you support the most amazing thing, which is love? Besides, you can see an answer from the best artists like Natalie Portman.

3. How to bring all the visual trends of the year at once and don’t die.

Everytime Dolce & Gabbana launches a new season campaign, the world shocks and has to stop for a second. Either you like it or not, we can’t hide from the fact that they know how to handle media, art, and trends like masters. For instance, this year, they mixed two important visual trends like diversity, multicolored and tropical, all at once. Besides, they manage themselves to make each post looks like it’s alive and singing.

4. From sophistication to new age brand, which adores having fun with products.

If you thought about this brand a few years ago, all you can remember is fancy bags, and beautiful girls from the club wearing them. Although, we are not saying it was boring. But, we can’t lie when we say that Social Media era changed #LouisVuitton and turned it into something unusual. Thus, people of all ages and less conservative dare to wear their products.

Besides, look at this GIF first lesson. It’s precisely what we want you to do with your products in GIF format. Go and play with them, bring them to life. Make them fun and playful. And, most of all, make people want to share it.

5. Take a trend, make it yours and turn it into a real product and movement.

Something surprising about Moschino is the way they appropriate for famous culture icons. Usually, it would be a matter of conflict, but it’s not when it comes to this brand. From Barbie to Mc Donald’s, we have seen almost everything in the eyes of this brand, and we’re eager to know what’s coming next.

It’s not just about the product because they also focus on the type of Influencers they’re going to use. Furthermore, when something becomes very popular, it seems like they make that product become a Brand Ambassador for itself. So, from the point you see it, this brand is an important key when it comes to how to make something original and unique. Despite the fact that it’s made from something already done, they teach us how to make it better.

6. Take your audience to the future, and let them feel like nobody else can do so.

Perhaps, Cartier is not a fashion brand as the rest of the list. Although, it’s the brand that joins the most important outfits on the planet. From red carpets to fancy balls, you can see Cartier starring the most outrageous events in the world. Therefore, we don’t wonder why they always have the view of what’s coming next and how to impress their audience the way no one else can do. For instances, we can use this particular moment.

Look at this video, and at first, you may think: what does it have to do with fashion? Well, the most important lesson from these years is that there are a lot of things related to your brand even when it seems like it’s not about your product. However, you can learn from new technologies, trends and so, to impress your public with high-quality events and drive the attention to your brand.

7. Say hello to Brutalist and let it get into your Social Media strategy.

When it comes to Visual Trends, we can barely guess what’s coming next for next year. Although, sometimes it’s easier and even the trends begin from this year. Thank God, this is the case and we can give you a lesson of what we’re about to see on brands. Therefore, we want to talk to you about Brutalist, which is a term that comes from architecture and related to visuals since the 80’s, so it’s not entirely new.

Nevertheless, just recently this year glitch, distortion, and abstraction took over the visuals and became famous. Even for those brands like Tom Ford, which seems to be very elegant and conservative. Meaning, you have to give a try to those visuals trends that might look a bit outrageous but might be right for you.

We know this is an excellent piece of article, and therefore, we decided to create a second part so that you can keep learning from the top fashion brands! Go and see the rest of the list and share your thoughts with us.


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