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Like in any other Social Media platform, Instagram’s users can choose what content they like or not. Therefore, we live seeking for getting more Instagram likes every day. But, why are they so important? Well, it’s the bridge between you and your followers. Also, it’s the way you can see how engaged they are with the content. So, let’s see how to make things right!

1.Post attractive photos and videos
Evidentially, you need to think about your material seriously. And, therefore, make sure that content is the best and the most interesting. When doing so, focus on the following subjects:

– Show some faces, yours or anyone else’s. Remember, when showing a face on your pictures or videos, the chances of more likes increase.

– Know your colors, and keep consistent with your palette. Also, remember that depending on the colors you’ll receive more or fewer likes. For example, those who use blue receive more likes than those using red.

– Be careful with the filters, even though when they make your photo look cool. Keep in mind, filters with better contrast, exposure, and warm tones have better results. And, of course, you can use manual edition too.

Instagram Likes

2.Create compelling captions
Indeed! Instagram it’s a full visual platform. But, it doesn’t mean you can step text aside. Instead, text can be a good friend, since your characters are not limited likewise Twitter.

Anyway, the story you tell shouldn’t be the longest. All the opposite, you can use a few wise words or ask a question. The last one, it’s a great way of attracting users who love to share answers and interact with brands.

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3.Add geotags

The option “add location” allows you to tag your posts in a specific place. When clicking on a location, you’ll see all the content posted or taken in the same place. Thus, people can discover you or all the way around. But, you have to decide if you want a physical location or a geographical one.

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4.Use hashtags wisely
Technically, Hashtags are not separated elements of your posts. But, they’re so important that we need to talk about them as if they were. For starters, you have to think where to include them. Also, think about how many, and keep in mind you shouldn’t abuse.

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5.Focus on one topic
It’s important to define the best topic for your profile. In case you didn’t know, focusing on one topic is the secret key of popular profiles. Although, it doesn’t mean you can relate to other things. But, you have to keep Social Media Branding of your account.

We call it “consistency”, and followers expect you to be consistent all the time. Therefore, you should aim to be original too, and not repetitive. To do so, prepare a good Social Media Calendar.

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6.Find the perfect time

When you’re consistent, the users know what to expect from your news. A regular posts schedule, that goes along with times where your audience is active, keeps them interested. So, make sure to pick a good style for your news and respect it. And, remember, any major change can confuse the users and send them away.

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7.Use some apps

Another option is to use an outside app to get more likes on Instagram. Although, you should know most of them work on ads exchange, earning credits for watching materials. Besides, may work with bots and scripts. Therefore, you need to know where you want the users to come from.

Instagram Likes

8.User-Generated Content

For instance, create a Branding Hashtag and encourage users to include it in their posts. It will give you access to a new bank of content ready for you to use it. But, please don’t forget to give credit to the author of the original post!

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Last but not least. Don’t forget to interact with your audience. Therefore, you can use some methods, such as tagging people. Also, you can comment on their pics and like them. Chances are limitless, so don’t hesitate on taking part of their profiles too.



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