Instagram Live Video And Dissapering Photos

We’re all excited about Instagram’s New features. Live videos and more awesome stuff come for Instagram Stories. Now, we can take our visual strategy to the next level and cover more details of our brand’s moments. Finally, we’re able to give a coverage of our events, and we can mate our hypersegmentation easier. But don’t run, read this few details we got for you first.

First of all, make sure you have the right equipment before getting excited because the new features might request more technical elements than the usual ones. So, once you ensure that you have the proper devices, you’ll be ready to know these tips:

These are “Ways to Share in the Moment.”

Times and frequency are ones of the most relevant things you need to learn about Instagram and nearly any other Social Media platform. But, for this instance particularly, you need to be clear about it. Not because you need to know “What time to post,” but because you need to know “What to post at the right time.” Only because your audience is interested in your content, you can’t abuse of their Social Media wisdom. They will know if you don’t previously plan what shows best for your “live” content. Even if you leave space for spontaneous moments, you need to plan when those moments can come.

Take Red Carpet’s transmission as a perfect example. These shows transmit everything “live” but the production before that moment takes months before the date. Also, the cameras and hosts are always ready for offhand comments, fails, and appearances they know they could fit in the program.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Live is for those who has the “interaction” factor

With “Live Video on Instagram Stories” you only need to swipe right on your Instagram Stories screen and start sharing. If you thought the Boomerang option was the best they could do, obviously you were wrong. With this new feature, you can share more intimate moments with your followers, through 1 hour lasting video broadcast from whenever you are. Therefore, you can share a live video every time you want, whenever you want and as you please, right?

No! Of course not, and before you do, you need to check these small but very significant things:

1) Check your sound first: If your cellphone doesn’t have a decent microphone, then this option might not be the perfect for you. Remember, your audience watches your Live Video because they want to hear what you have to say. You’re not publishing regular video post where sound practically doesn’t matter. You’re publishing an on-the-moment post where you’re going to share significant information that will be deleted and not heard again.

2) Check the light and the camera resolution: And we mean it! If your cellphone’s camera resolution is poor, don’t even bother to try this, please. We’re saving you from a wrong time. Also, if you’re in a dark place or light is low, don’t start the broadcasting. People wants to see good quality, not because it’s live it’s meant to be a glitch. You need to focus on keeping your visual branding standards.

Instagram Live Video
(via Instagram)
Instagram Live Video
(via Instagram)

3) Check your engagement first: Usually, we have the need to put on the road everything’s new on Social Media, believing that it would suits us better only for trying. But no! Stop there, and take a deep breath first. Think this through: “Does my audience have the proper approach and engagement level I need for a Live Video yet?” And you’re probably thinking: “How do I measure this?” And the answer is another question: Is your audience interacting enough with you? If the answer is no, then stop. But, if the answer is yes you need to keep going on your Live Video strategy where your followers will be able to comment and chat with you.

How to disappear and always be found!

If you were asking to the Hypersegmentation saint come and save you, he listened. Now, you can finally put your strategy on wheels and get those followers where you want. With the new Disappearing Photos feature for Instagram Stories, you can send selected content to specific users. Stop! “I don’t know my followers enough!” Then start by studying them right now! Don’t let everything to the Hypersegmentation saint. Furthermore, this is not like Direct Message, this even more exclusive.

Instagram Disappearing Photos
(via Instagram)
Instagram Disappearing Photos
(via Instagram)

Therefore, you can send special offers or giveaways to those who are faithful to your Instagram Stories. Cool, right? They’ve got the privilege, and you have a concurrent audience who will spread the voice and call others to action. Not to mention you can directly interact with them and make your brand more human and approachable.

Don’t be disappointed if you’re not ready! It’s just matter of time. The question here is being wise enough to prepare yourself right for a new strategy.


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