Instagram Mental Awareness Campaign

We often see Instagram as a platform where people share some of their best moments with their followers. Indeed, the social media site has millions of posts where people show off how happy they are and the good life they live.

But, how much of what we see behind a photo is actually true? Could it be possible that all Instagram posts reflect the true feelings of their stars? A person could be smiling. Sure! But, the sad truth is that some people simply try to hide their sadness behind a fake smile. 

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🤕MENTAL HEALTH IS A CONVERSATION THAT WE ALL NEED TO HAVE🧠 In both of these pictures I was severely depressed and consumed with suicidal thoughts. I choose to share this because as a society we are on autopilot with one specific response to when asked “how are you?” We always reply with “I’m ok” or “good, thanks”. It has become so easy for us to not communicate how we are feeling in an honest and authentic way. To admit we are experiencing a negative emotion feels as if it’s a reflection of our self-worth. We want to convey to the world that we’re healthy, strong, functional and almost indestructible. It is this mentality that needs to change. – Everyone will have a time when they don’t feel ok. Everyone is going through something. Depression, Grief. Stress. Anxiety. Eating Disorders. SOMETHING. Vulnerability shouldn’t be seen as a weakness. We need to be able to communicate all of our feelings. This needs to be encouraged so that we provide hope, support and love to those who are really struggling with a mental illness etc. – I urge you all to connect more with people and I encourage you to have a #RealConvo Ask your friends and family if they’re ok and let them know that you’re available to talk to when they’re not ok. – It’s a fact that we all have mental health so let’s normalise that discussion around it and create a culture that is empathetic and smart about mental health! #mentalhealthawarenessweek • • • • • • • • • •#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #recovery #bpd #bipolar #depression #stress #suicideprevention #eatingdisorderrecovery #yogi #yoga #addiction #meditation #londonblogger #wellness #positivity #selfcare #selflove #inspire #chasinglight #happiness #humanitarian #healthylifestyle #spiritjunkie #bodypositive

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Certainly, this is something Instagram is aware of. In fact, they have known for some time now. Take Finstas for example – a trend in which Instagram users create a secondary account where they can share posts that reflect who they really are. Whereas their main account is filled with posts only created to please society. 

Fortunately, Instagram has proven to worry about its users. And they have done so on more than one occasion. For example, did you know you get a pop-up menu offering support whenever you look for the hashtag “opioid?

That’s right. Instagram launched a feature designed to help people battling with substance abuse. Same goes for other hashtags such as uppers, among others.  

Instagram vs substance abuse

Instagram Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Now, this is not where it ends. As a matter of fact, Instagram has recently joined forces with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. And together, they have launched a campaign dedicated to offering support to all of those people struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

The now called #RealConvo campaign encourages people to use the hashtag and share their own personal stories. The idea is to get users to realise that they are not alone. That they can find support among people that have gone through similar situations. And that they can count on each other. 

Finally, the Real Convo hashtag does not only offer stories from users all around the globe, but also motivational quotes and advice on what to do when you are feeling down. 

Instagram Mental Health Awareness Campaign


In order to make the campaign more effective, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention partnered up with nine influential people that helped to spread the word about their work. From activists to celebrities, they all contributed to making this campaign succeed. 

Among the contributors, there was 23-year-old American actress Sasha Pieterse. Better known for playing the role of Alison DiLaurentis in the series Pretty Little Liars. 

As it turns out, the actress went out to record a video admitting that she often compared herself to other people. Always wanting to be as perfect as the rest. Until she later realised that nobody is actually perfect. 


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