Instagram impact on our mental health

Instagram’s impact on our mental health

We all know there is nothing perfect on this planet, and even though Instagram appears to be the exception, it is not. Today we will cover a bit about how Instagram can actually have an impact on our mental health.

Of course, to do so, we will take as a base a survey published by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society for Public Health. Having said this, let’s jump into the subject, shall we?

Instagram's impact on our mental health

The Survey

First of all, let’s talk about the survey we mentioned in the paragraph above. From February to May 2018, the United Kingdom’s Royal Society for Public Health conducted a survey that involved nearly 1500 teenagers.

The idea was to have them all answer a few questions related to 5 very popular social media platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and of course, Instagram. As a result, the impact that each of these social media platforms have on people was uncovered.

However, unlike what some of you might be thinking, the results showed both positive and negative aspects. In fact, one of the social media platforms (YouTube) was said to be the best among the others.

Social media platform

Positive Aspects

Out of the 5 social media platforms included in the survey, YouTube was the one that got the best results. In fact, it was revealed that the video-sharing platform was simply amazing because of the following factors:

  • It raises awareness of other people’s health experiences
  • It decreases levels of depression
  • You get access to trustworthy health information

In short, YouTube received the highest marks for health and well-being. Nevertheless, other social media platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat also received positive feedback.

Instagram did also get some positive opinions. The photo-sharing app got points for self-expression and self-identity. However, it also got some negative points that we’ll see now.

Instagram impact on our mental health

Negative Aspects

In this particular case, we will focus exclusively on Instagram. Out of the 5 social media platforms included in the survey, Instagram was reported to be the worst of all. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love Instagram.

It only takes to check our blog to realise that we write about it every week without fail. However, that doesn’t take out the fact that according to the survey, Instagram affects our mental health. But how?

Well, there are many factors actually. High levels of anxiety, depression and even bullying are a few of them. In fact, just try to remember how many times we’ve heard news reporting how women spend thousands of dollars trying to have perfect bodies.

Believe it or not, Instagram is very influencial. And it is because of that influence that some women end up spending thousands of dollars to “look perfect”. In short, it is known that Instagram makes some girls feel as if their bodies are not good enough.

All of this together results in people not feeling accepted.

Social media negative aspects


Instagram is and will continue to be one of the best social media platforms in matters of business growth. However, when it comes to determining whether the photo-sharing app is good for our mental health or not…

Well, it honestly depends on how every person sees life. We advise you to take advantage of all the benefits that social networking provides, but don’t let that stop you from going out with your friends and more.



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