Instagram mode camera feature
The Samsung Galaxy S10 and its new Instagram feature

Instagram is perhaps one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that giants such as Spotify and Shazam decided to partner up with Insta, and are now working together. 

In other words, the idea of Instagram collaborating with online platforms is nothing out of the ordinary. However, millions of people all over the world were recently surprised to learn that the social media platform made a new partnership with one of the biggest brands on the planet – Samsung.

And today we are going to tell you everything we know. 

Samsung partnership with Instagram

Samsung and Instagram

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know about the new Samsung Galaxy S10. The latest model of the S series from Samsung was released in February 2019. 

Well, it turns out that the $850 phone surprised the world with a very interesting feature. You see, the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with an Instagram mode built into its camera. But what does this mean exactly? 

To put it briefly, it means that you can take photos from the original S10 camera and upload them directly to Instagram. Certainly something that not many people expected. 

Samsung and Instagram now work together

Instagram Mode Camera Feature

Now, the Instagram mode camera feature does much more than what we just mentioned. As a matter of fact, not only can you use the S10 camera to upload your photos directly to Instagram, but you can also use it to add stickers and more. 

The Instagram mode feature also allows you to upload directly to stories, use the editing tools and even write hashtags. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements in future updates. 

Instagram mode camera feature

Final Thoughts

Evidently, the fact that Instagram decided to partner up with Samsung could mean something positive for us in the future. For example, remember when Instagram made a deal with Spotify to let users share music in stories?

Well, it didn’t take long after that for Shazam to also come on board and do the same. We might see Instagram partnering up with other giants such as Apple or even Huawei soon. Only time will tell. 


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