Ariana Grande Instagram

Ariana Grande doesn’t need a long introduction. Anyway, we want to remind you that she has 109M followers, which make her one of the most followed persons on Instagram. Also, she has an incredible voice and acting talent. Besides, almost all of her videos or singles become worldwide hits. So, almost anybody can avoid her charm.

Thus, we wanted to show you a bit of her Instagram world, because she’s not just about singing. This tiny but powerful girl promotes good causes and spread the love. Indeed, she knows how to pay back her fans for all the support. Ultimately, she doesn’t get tired of showing her love for her family and friends.

So, if you didn’t know much about this pop artist, take a sit and watch. There’s a lot to learn about her if you want to promote your career.

1. Be there for your people

As you may know, a few days ago, Ariana’s concert in Manchester ended badly. A horrible terrorist attack occurred while people were leaving the Arena. As a result, we lost some souls, and some others got hurt. Therefore, Ariana decided to visit all the survivors with injuries. It was quite a joy for the fans who didn’t deserve this awful moment in their lives, but Ariana knew how to bring back their smiles.

Ariana Grande Instagram

2. Animal love

She’s young, talented and, an animals’ lover. Thus, her dog is a consequent star in her profile. Besides, her fans are familiar with this cute baby, and they love it.  She always posts saying lovely things about it but also showing in images, the love in between. Some of the fans even joke saying the dog looks like her, and she makes fun of that.

Ariana Grande Instagram

3. Love for Mom

If there’s something she can’t hide, it’s the love for her mom. Even, when she goes to some events, mom is her date. It’s something lovely to see, how a young star shares a beautiful relationship with her mother. Thence, for Mother’s Day, she posted this excellent pic of them. Just by the look in their eyes, you can see how genuine is the love between them.

Ariana Grande Instagram

4. Boo moment

Likewise her popularity due to her talent, it’s her popular romances. Although, Ariana is not a trouble maker or controversial girl. Anyway, she enjoys showing the world how in love she is with her boyfriend, Mac Miller. The also singer shows his love for her too, and join her in funny pics like this. How would you call, it? Thug love?

Ariana Grande Instagram

5. Have fun with the fans

When you return what fans give you, it means that you understand your power. Hence, Ariana loves to spend quality time with the fans during her tour. Even though, not everyone has the privilege to meet her. But, the ones who do, have a lot of fun. Like in this picture, taken from backstage moments on her Dangerous Woman Tour. Who knows, maybe, you could be next.

Ariana Grande Instagram

6. Siblings are forever

The Grande family has not one but two talented kids to share with the world. Here, Ariana shows a picture of her and her also famous brother, Frankie Grande, while they were still kids. In several occasion, she expressed the love between they have for each other. It’s so sweet to show the fans where you came from, and who you were before the fame. Ultimately, there’s anything more important than family.

Ariana Grande Instagram

7. Queen and Queen

We thought that the friendship between these two started with the “Side to Side” hit. But, we thought wrong. The queen of pop and the queen of rap have a longer friendship. Here’s a prove of it, there’s a lot of honey and caring. No questions, we think of all the dance moments they gave us with their song. Furthermore, it makes us wonder about a new collaboration. Please?

Ariana Grande Instagram

8. Appreciate fan art

She’s not one of the most followed people for nothing. One of the reasons why people adore Adriana, it’s her love for fans. A big part of the appreciation comes from fan art like this one below. Thence, she doesn’t think twice when it comes to sharing the pieces inspired by her. Give it a try, and let’s see if she posts your work!

Ariana Grande Instagram

9. Support the love

No matter where, how or when it comes from, love is love. Ariana knows it, and hence, the LGBTI love her so much. This little girl has a powerful voice, not just for singing but for requesting respect. Love diversity is the main subject of one of her newest videos, “Everyday.” Here, she posted some frames of the video which are very explicit. Therefore, the message is clear.

Ariana Grande Instagram

10. Spread respect

Keeping on her relentless campaign for LGBTI rights, here is another example. Remember, a big part of Ariana’s fans are teenagers and kids. Therefore, some of this kids can be trans, and they deserve respect. Thus, the singer makes a clear statement about “Protect trans kids.” She’s totally up to promote respect for those who think and feel different. That’s the way, Ariana!

Ariana Grande Instagram

11. Be yourself, always

In case you didn’t know, Ariana has a great acting potential. Thanks to Disney for discovering her talent, tho. So, it’s not a surprise to see her often performing for shows like Saturday Night Live. Because, besides of being a good actress, she’s great in the comedy field. Although it’s not her principal work, we enjoy seeing her making us laugh with her sketches.

12. Joy after a tragedy

The entire world is still sad about the loss of innocent souls in Manchester. Nevertheless, Ariana and her team felt they owed a lot to the survivors. Some of them were fighting for their lives still. Accordingly, she and a group of big names in the music industry raised their voices and created “One Love Manchester” concert. All funds are for the families and victims.

Ariana Grande Instagram

There’s a lot to keep analyzing about Ariana’s profile. By now, this is the most important you should know. If you’re a musician building a career and personal profile, please remember all you watched. The more human you show yourself, the more fans are going to love you.


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