Beyoncé Instagram Moments

Queen B, Bey, Yoncé, call her as you want, but the world knows her as the one and only Beyoncé. From her first days in the also famous girl’s group Destiny’s Child, which made her a star in the first place and took her to best music events surrounded by the most famous music stars in the world. She’s the queen of the music industry and married to the King, Jay-Z. Together, created the new monarchy that everybody loves to follow through.

She never gave so much to talk about to the press, not even when she set on fire Jay Z’s car on “Crazy in Love” video or when she played a fugitive with Lady Gaga. Instead, the press has almost only good things to say about her and all the statements she’s shown during her career, from defending all the single ladies, curvalicious girls, black girls and then, feminism. Now, she’s a referent for the black culture rights and feminism values, explicit in her lyrics and visual content.

Thus, all her straight way of success opened the doors for being one of the most followed persons on Instagram. The last results showed that Beyoncé is the most influential person on the platform due to her high level of engagement. Yes, and no matter if Selena Gomez is still the queen on followers number, Bey, has taken the other famous crown all to herself, and the title of the “Most-liked Instagram picture,” also beating Gomez in that field. No questions why she earned her place, and you’ll understand after towards watching these eight beautiful moments of the artist on her Instagram profile. Make sure you get to last because it’s the best!

1. When politics is everyone’s matter

Some may say that artists shouldn’t speak up about politics, but this is not applying for Beyoncé. Apparently, since Obama’s campaign, Bey seems to know which candidate to support and give the reasons why. Therefore, US 2016’s weren’t the exception and mostly because, for the first time, a woman was running for president. We all know how committed she is to the fact of empowering women around the world, so of course, she took this personally. So, between the sets, she gave an honest and emotional speech about her opinion and how important voting is. Bey for president!

2. She can be a Barbie

Every girl’s dream is to be a Barbie or at least dress like one, but let’s face it, we can’t get to this perfection. She decided to become not just a simple Barbie but “The Black Barbie” for Halloween last year, and next to her, a Jay-Z Ken and a Blue Ivy little doll. And if that wasn’t enough, she put herself into a Barbie box to make everything more awesome! We can barely find the words to describe this fantastic Idea and fans went crazy about it on the posts.

Beyoncé Instagram Moments

3. Fashion is funnier with your kid

Many parents won’t even consider the idea of matching outfits with their little children, but turns out that Beyoncé loves to match style dressing with her little Blue Ivy, who apparently enjoys sharing these moments with her mom, but who wouldn’t? In any particular occasion, they dress so well that are the perfect fashion mother and daughter on Instagram and maybe, the world. Like in this photo, where they both wear urban style and Blue shows “Slay” word on her jacket, which is the magnet word for her mom’s album, Lemonade. Fashion and merchant, so cool!

Beyoncé Instagram Moments

4. It’s all about support and Barbie, again

We almost couldn’t believe how similar this Barbie was to the real Beyoncé. Same eyes, smile, nose, it’s a proper copy of the artist, and she found a good moment to show the doll to the world. Her also famous and stylish sister, Solange, launched her new album and the big sister decided to give her all the support by promoting it to all the millions of followers. This was one of the most creative ways to promote a piece, and we didn’t expect less. Sisters power!

Beyoncé Instagram Moments

5. Celebrating an icon

If you’re under 18, maybe, you might be asking: “who’s that one on the left?” and we tell you, that was the very princess of R&B, Aaliyah. Of course, if you didn’t know the name, you also didn’t know that she died tragically years ago, and the world misses her. Beyoncé was just a rising star when Aaliyah was one of the biggest, and they both shared this precious moment that Bey wanted to show, in honor of her death’s anniversary, to show respect and how much she admired her.

6. A taste of intimacy

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a very safe private life and just a few times we’ve heard scandals about their relationship. They know how to show their fans sneaks of her private life through Social Media, and this photo is the prove of it. An intimate moment between the two of them but without giving anything to talk, just making their fans feel grateful for a little window they opened during their normal life experiences.

Beyoncé Instagram Moments

7. Your first army is your family

When Bey first showed the world “Formation” song was with a mighty army of dancers in a big stadium and making feel every girl in the world powerful and influential. After the show was over, she posted a series of pictures behind the scenes. The one with her family, in a black and white format, was the most significant. She reminded their fans the power of union between your loved ones, mostly in big moments like this.

Beyoncé Instagram Moments

8. The “record” picture

So sorry Selena, but apparently, one need more than drinking a Coca-Cola to get the prize of “Most-liked Instagram picture,” maybe in a few years you can do the same as Bey. By now, Mrs. Carter made one of her moves and kept Social Media silence for a long time. Suddenly she shocked the entire world announcing she was pregnant not just with one but two babies. With one single picture, she made the platform explode. A lot of emotions showed up, people celebrating and other making fun of the picture concept with some funny memes. But, for certain, it is the most liked picture with over 10 M likes. How about that?

Beyoncé Instagram Moments

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