Storytelling is here to stay, and Instagram makes sure that it rules social media strategies in this sense. It’s no wonder that this storytelling technique is conquering the eye and love of users all around the globe.

It’s powerful, emotional and significant. It brings value to any brand and tries to spread both a great message, while selling an idea at the same time.

Each day, we see more creative efforts, even from brands we didn’t expect to come up with fresh ideas. It’s easier to see more quality content by a good story that feeds the audience’s emotional needs.

Whether the story is happy or sad, people love to feel excitement when they scroll down the screen. Otherwise, they won’t pay attention.

Initially, Instagram Stories seemed to be a Snapchat copy. However, it brought a new meaning to social media that we all wanted. Even when it seems they work the same way, by being recent photos and videos shared on a serial line. Instagram Stories gives a more powerful storytelling sensation, despite Snapchat’s efforts.

Good times for post-addicts

Yesterday, Instagram hit the world again launching a new feature that most people will love. It appears a lot like Facebook’s carousel, but it gets an entirely different meaning when seen on Instagram’s feed. It’s about posting multiple photos, videos, and boomerangs in one single post.

Yes, we know! Your aunts are the first you want to show this to. Or to that friend who posts 20 photos at a time without even knowing that this isn’t the best thing to do.

This is your time to stop the spam you couldn’t control and let them know, politely, how they can still post a thousand photos at a time without clogging up your whole feed.

Instagram Multiple Photos And Videos
Multiple photos and videos

A new way of sharing

Well, maybe it won’t be a thousand photos, but it can still be 10 of them. That’s the limit for this new feature. As you swipe to the left, you can see ten pictures or videos, showing a short story about anything your imagination can create.

Another cool thing is that you don’t have to post only photos, only videos or only boomerangs, you can make a mix with all of them – multiple photos, videos and boomerangs. So what about giving an excellent graphic introduction, a couple of development videos and a funny boomerang ending? Sounds cool, right?

Instagram Multiple Photos And Videos
(via Instagram)

How does it work?

First of all, you need to update your Instagram version. Once you’ve done this, check the app, and you should have an Instagram Stories news showing you how it works. In case you need to read it step by step, here’s how to:

1) Open your feed uploading section as you normally do.
2) See a new icon in the low right corner.
3) By pressing the icon, you’ll see all your gallery’s pictures and videos. They will have a circle in the top right corner, indicating you can select them.
4) Remember, you can only share up to ten of them, so make sure you know what you want to post first.
5) If you think you uploaded in the wrong order, don’t worry. You can press the photo, switch it and fit it in the right place.
6) You can also change filters.
7) Once you’re done, type a caption as you normally do and publish it.
8) You’ll see the first photo or video, a little icon and some dots down below.

Instagram Multiple Photos And Videos
(via Instagram)

What can I create using this feature?

There are infinite possibilities with this feature. From sharing a particular day story, a full landscape view, a recipe, to a short film – there are multiple choices. You can show your audience a lot of valuable sources, providing tutorials, tips, advice, or just sharing entertaining moments with them. While you’re planning, have fun so you can transmit the sensation to your users.

Instagram Multiple Photos And Videos
(via Instagram)



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