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How can I post on several IG accounts at the same time?

Instagram has recently announced a new feature that’s made many users very happy. Finally, after a long wait, we are now able to post on multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. But, is this helpful in some way?

As a matter of fact, yes, it is. The new Instagram feature was released to help us save time. To put it briefly, we no longer have to switch from one account to another to post our stuff individually. 

Now, here it is how you can post on multiple Instagram accounts at once.

Instagram posting

Posting on multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

First of all, understand that this is a new feature. So, it is possible that some users might not be able to use it yet. Still, you can check if the app is up to date and then try what we are about to teach you. This way you will see whether or not you can use this feature yet.

So, to start, simply open up Instagram. Then, tap the plus icon on the bottom bar. This will allow you to either take a photo or upload one already saved in your gallery. Once you have chosen what you want to post, add a filter and tap next. 

Finally, you will be able to access a screen with different options. If the app is updated there should be a section titled “Post To Other Accounts.” Simply select the accounts where you want to post, and voilà. 

Instagram update to post to multiple accounts at the same time


There’s one thing you need to keep in mind. Unfortunately, posting on multiple Instagram accounts at once has some limitations. For example, trying to alter the post for the different accounts you are going to be posting on is not allowed. 

In short, this means that the photo or video you’re going to post will have the same captions and tags in each of the accounts that you decide to post. Still, consider that this is a new feature. Therefore, things could change in the future. 

So for now, try to use this feature when posting to accounts with similar communities. As for us, we will make sure to let you know if there are updates on this feature in the future.


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