Instagram mute feature

Here’s How You Can Use The Instagram Mute Feature

A little over a year ago, Instagram decided to introduce the mute feature for Stories. Since then, people knew it was only a matter of time until the photo-sharing app decided to release a feature like this for regular posts. Finally, the day has come. The Instagram mute feature is now available for use not only on Stories, but also posts!

Bear with us as we will tell you everything about it.

Instagram mute feature

What Is It?

The mute feature is simply as its name describes – a feature that allows you to mute certain accounts. In the beginning, you were only allowed to mute the Stories certain accounts posted. However, now it is possible to mute posts from accounts you follow without even having to unfollow these accounts.

Instagram mute for stories

How Does It Help Me?

When it comes to the mute feature, all it takes is to ask – wouldn’t it be easier to simply unfollow the user? After all, the idea of using the mute feature is to stop seeing content from a person. Therefore, it makes sense if you simply unfollow that person instead of muting their content, right?

Well, as much as we would like to say so, it’s not always that easy. In fact, some people might even get offended if you decide to unfollow them. For example, we all know our parents, and especially our mothers like to follow us on social media.

There is really nothing we can do, they simply like to do it. Most of the time we see too many posts from them, that we wish we didn’t have to see. However, if we decide to unfollow them on Instagram… well, we simply can’t do that, can we?

Luckily, Instagram launched the mute feature to help us with that. And now, we will guide you on how to mute an account without having to unfollow it.

Instagram mute tools

How To Use Instagram’s Mute Feature

First of all, it is important to understand that when you mute an account, you will no longer be able to see the posts of the person whose account you muted. However, that person will not know what you did. In fact, you will continue to appear among their followers.

Therefore, you will not risk offending anyone. Having said that, here’s what you need to do if you want to mute an account.

Instagram mute for stories

1. Open Up Instagram, Scroll Down Your Feed

As always, the first step is the easiest. First of all, open up Instagram and start to scroll down until you find a post of the person whose account you want to mute.

Instagram mute feature steps

2. Tap The Three Dots In the Right Corner, Select Mute

Once you have found a post from the account you want to mute, tap the three dots in the right corner. After that, a small window will pop up and will show you different options. Go down to the very end and select mute.

Finally, another window will pop up. This time you will be asked if you want to just mute the posts, or the posts and the Stories. Select what works best for you, and voilà!

Learn how to use the mute feature

How To Unmute People On Instagram

We understand that the main idea of this post was to teach you how to mute someone on Instagram, without having to tap the unfollow option. However, it is always important to know how to undo something.

Of course, this would not be a complete article if we just left without teaching you how to unmute someone on Instagram. Take note because this is what you need to do.

1. Go To The Explore Page, Look For The Person You Want To Unmute

First of all, you need to go to the explore page on Instagram and type the name of the person you want to unmute in the search bar. After that, you will need to enter the profile of that person, and follow the second and final step.

Unmute people on Instagram

2. Enter The User’s Profile And Tap Unmute

Finally, all you need to do is simply enter the profile of the person you want to unmute. Go down to where it says, “you have unmuted…” and tap the unmute option next to it.

Instagram mute feature

Final Thoughts

Even though it is much easier to simply unfollow someone on Instagram whose posts we don’t want to see, the mute option is also great. In fact, thanks to this feature, we are able to choose what we really want to see in our feed.

Finally, it does not really affect your relationship with the person you mute at all. After all, you are still allowed to visit their profile and see the content they have whenever you like.


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